Welcome to my website a place where I post mainly about myself and my experiences on my journey to a career in theatre. Whilst this website is centred around myself I would really like it to be an informative website for other hopeful actors/actresses who haven’t yet found somewhere on the internet that is writing honestly about the different drama schools and what to expect at auditions. Hopefully, I will also be able to continue this whilst I am at Drama School and give tips and insight to the life of a Actress in training.

Late 2017, my website had a revamp being upgraded from a humble blog to a fully blown website. The main differences here are now instead of just posts about what I’m up to I will be posting promotional aspects, directing casting agents to this site to view my headshots, CV, Showreel and recent works.

Since starting this blog I have been overwhelmed at the amount of people supporting me and reading the site. Thats why I don’t want to pack it in as soon as I get into any school I want to keep these amazing people in my life and share with them the rest of my career. I can’t thank everyone enough for their interest in me and for keeping on with all the encouragement.

To give any newcomers an update on what they have missed: I am 19 and have just finished my A Levels. I am in the midst of my gap year where I am focusing on Drama School Applications. In order to achieve this goal I am working with a great coach: Ian Sanders to make my acting speeches really strong. I am training at the Ann Holland School of Dance in Ballet and Modern dance and I spend every Sunday at Musical Theatre Masterclass, something you will see plenty of on my blog.


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