March 2020


This blog is going to take a slightly different format as i didnt really do much in March which is a shame.


My Play:

As some of you may have gathered I have started writing a play to apply to the Royal Court Writers programme. Its coming along quite nicely and I am now working on the third draft. I have till June to enter which is plenty of time and I think it will be somewhat reasonable in three months time. I’m really lucky to have some amazing girls who are reading in as the characters to help me write it as hearing it spoken from someone other than me really helps me hear if its actually good or not and identify the problems. They were so lovely and we had a Zoom meeting where we read through draft 2 which has lead draft three to be wildly different but for the better. Hopefully one day we can put on this play and I cant let these girls that helped me create it really get their teeth into it and have their moment of glory.


Trinity Laban:

Unfortunatley, Trinity Laban closed before our assessment week and we are unsure of when we will reopen. This is so sad as we dont know when we will go back and we might go back as second years having missed our final showcase for first year. On our unexpected last day, the second years decided that they hadnt put all their hard work into their showcase for nothing and they were going to just do it that afternoon and it was so amazing. They had people missing and also 4 less days then they thought but they pulled it off and it was amazing.

Poems From The Pandemic:

I have started an Instagram account under this name where I am posting some of my writing with my amazing friends performing it and creating a platform where other Trinity Laban writers can share their work too. I am hoping that this will only be a fun thing to do in isolation but keep us creative and sharing our work. This hopefully wont just be an instagram page as I hope to compile an ebook which will be available on apple books to buy with all the proceeds going to a charity helping with The COVID-19 crisis. Please follow the page on instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more information.


Shakespeare In A Week:

Another great opportunity for me during isolation is that I will be taking part in Shakespeare in a Week with Owen Horsley. Is a very accredited shakespearean director and worked as an associate director alongside Gregory Doran on Richard the II at the Royal Shakespeare Company. This is paticularly exciting because Richard the II is the play we will be working on this week before potentially live streaming it to Youtube. Again, please keep checking this blog and my Facebook page for information.

The role i will be playing is: Mowbray/Willoughby and The Gardner.


Lots to crack on with!

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