February 2020

February has been and gone already! Heres to longer days and some sunshine, I can’t wait. This has been a very busy and eventful month, so busy in fact that it has given me a cold and it has proven unshakable as I just havent stopped!

10th – 14th

This was Colab week! Colab is ‘Colaboration’ with the other courses at Trinity Laban and is a great opportunity for the classical music students and the contemporary dance students to mix up. You work on it for a week and then do a small performance on the friday.  In September we were told to pitch projects to the colab team (if you wanted to) and then in November we all submitted our top 5 choices of those projects, and we get allocated one of our choices. There were so many interesting projects on there to get involved with that I felt that I would have been happy doing any of my 5 choices but I’m so pleased with what I got that looking back on it, it was probably the best I could have had.

I did ‘The Life of a Swing’ which was led by two lovely second year musical theatre students, Ellie Green and Olivia Plummer. This project basically focused on honing the skills it takes to work as a swing on the west end, and gave us some experience with the demands of the job.

** the term swing is often used for a member of the company who understudies several chorus and/or dancing roles. If an understudy fills in for a lead role, a swing acts the parts normally performed by the understudy. This is called a track. This means learning multiple harmonies, choreography and you could end up playing multiple characters in a show **

So we were given two tracks to learn for each number and considering we only had a 5 days to do this in it was a very intense week. I was partnered with Georgia Brebner who is also a second year musical theatre student and we both learnt the same two tracks. The numbers we did for our performance and the tracks I learnt were:

Voulez Vous from Mamma Mia

Dance Track 1/ Dance Track 2

Cell Block Tango from Chicago 

Velma / Annie (Six)

I Feel So Much Spring from a New Brain

fixed track

Big Fun from Heathers

Veronica / Heather Chandler

I had such a wonderful group who were all so focused and productive with such a great MD in Ella and Liv and Ellie’s choreography and leadership. We managed to get all of the material learnt by Wednesday and spent Thursday cleaning it before performing it on Friday. We were told what track we would be doing on the day and I ended up doing, Dance Track 2, Annie and Veronica which I was very pleased with.

There was such a good turn out for people coming to see the performance and then we were able to go and watch lots of other performances as there was all sorts going on, it was like a mini fringe festival in Laban! I was so glad I got this project as it was such a valuable skill to learn and I had the best week learning such iconic numbers, getting to become more confidence in dance and partner work and also just met some really great people and had such a fun week.

The second week of colab which I wasnt involved in allowed me to go and watch my friends perform in a musical Adventure By Discretion that they had written and put on, it was an hour long and it was really and truly amazing. I was very proud of my fabulous year group that they pulled something so spectacular together in such a short space of time.


The Life of A Swing!  Cast, Creatives and Band



15th – 17th

I headed home! As it was half term, I popped home for a few days to see my lovely family and have a bit of fresh air in the countryside. We went to see a show in Norwich and went out for a curry so that I could fill them in on everything above. Then we had a banging sunday lunch with Gungie,Toby, Ellie and Simon so I managed to see everyone before heading back to london on the Monday to get some work done and help with the auditions! Crazy to think that last year I was auditioning, desperate to get in, and this year I am the one ushering them all around.



I went to a workshop at the Monobox for playwriting, (honestly feel like I live there!) and it was a really helpful experience. It wasn’t a lecture, it was so hands on where they gave us techniques to use and get going. It was really informative and gave me a lot of guidance when trying to pull mine together. He also got us writing as well and got us thinking about how to build a character which was something I had been struggling with and then when I left the workshop I felt a lot more confident and like I had more tricks up my sleeve for when I next feel abit stuck.




In January, I sent an email to the student union asking if there was any possibility of putting on a small concert for the musical theatre department to showcase original material. To my surprise, they responded and we started making arrangements and posters and then sending out the email to all of the students at my drama school in musical theatre which was a bit daunting!

I got some great interest and we put the programme together and then on the 26th we arrived at the student union and put on such a great show. It was really really more than I could have hoped. There was such a great turn out, just so many people there to support and cheer on their friends and the performers were incredible. We had some really great original music and musicals in the making, some monologues from plays people are writing and some poetry and spoken word. My fabulous friend Emily even performed one of the monologues I had written. It was such a great mix of all of the years at Trinity Laban MT and a great way for us all to see what each other can do.

The thing I am most pleased about though, is the response to the event. The Platform is now going to be a termly event for the foreseeable future and so many people have come up to me since and said that they feel so inspired to write and get involved themselves which is such a nice thing.


A very very very busy February and with assessments at the end of March I dont think it will be quieting down any time soon!

Thanks for reading!


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