January 2020

Welcome to 2020!

My resolution this year was to try and be more environmentally friendly and then I stopped there! I have enough on my plate and don’t need the unnecessary pressure to change anything else about myself so maybe next year.

I welcomed in the New Year with my closest friends and a pink dress. We spent New Years drinking champagne and sangria (a strange mix but after your 4th litre of sangria you dont worry about it) and dipping peppers into camembert. Who could ask for anything more?

6th – 11th

My course kicked off for term two on the 6th of January and came back in full force, took us all abit by surprise but was so good to get back to it and get into a routine. This half term we have been looking at Comedy in Acting, working on putting together a self tape in Creative Artists and lots of work on pirouettes in Dance. Im writing this having just broken up for half term and I cant believe how fast it has gone. It feels like its been a complete whirlwind! Next half term will be when we have assessments, in acting this will be shakespeare, and i am really pleased with my play i will be working on. I am going to be doing Isabella from Measure for Measure which i was lucky enough to see the RSC before last term and really loved.

I have been organising an event with The Student Union which will go ahead in February and it is an evening of Original Material which is really exciting because there are lots of amazing creatives in the Musical Theatre Department and it will be great to hear what everyone can do!

I had a lot of fun outside Trinity this month as I auditioned for National Youth Theatre’s summer courses and that day is always good fun with a great workshop. I dont hear about that till May but am really hoping I get in as it would be a great opportunity.

On the 16th I got a message from my friend Daisy who I met doing MTM and she had a free ticket for that night to the other palace to watch a concert. We had a really lovely spontaneous evening drinking wine and catching up!

18th – 31st

Alex and Ollie also came to Greenwich and we walked a chocolate lab around The Naval College which was stunning as it happened to be a really lovely sunny day. We then went for bottomless brunch at The Grind which was really lovely. After this drunken day, I headed to Shoreditch to meet my Auntie Zoe and Tracey for Dinner. This was rather spontaneous but I am so glad I went as we had a really lovely time.

I also went to an Alexander Technique workshop at the Mono Box which was amazing as those kinds of classes are usually so expensive but the Mono Box are ridiculously affordable. I got to learn a lot more about my posture and she really helped me understand some of the things my dance teachers are asking me to work on but I wasn’t completely sure on. She was so lovely and we exchanged emails so that I could email her for advice and get her newsletter with tips and tricks. She even sent me a lovely email saying that the evening really turned her day around and reminded me to ‘stay in that back and remember to love your ribs 💖’ which might not mean much to anyone else but did to me.

Then a few days later on the saturday I went to the National Theatre for what I thought was a talk about playwriting by Joel Horwood. He wrote the adaptation for The Ocean at The End of The Lane which is currently playing in the National. This turned out to be so valuable and wasnt a talk as I thought but was a full on workshop and was really incredible. I learnt so much from just hearing him talk and being able to ask questions. We shared some of our own ideas and projects we have in the think tank and he seemed really enthusastic about some of the stuff Im working on and even helped me with my application for The Royal Court writers programme. The other people on the day were also so lovely and gave me advice of how to work on my writing as a young person and even exchanged emails to discuss working on something as an actor with them.

This week especially was amazing as it really showed the kindness of people, not necessarily from a networking point of you but even just how people genuinley want to see you do well and are willing to help.

Overall, January has been pretty lovely and I cant wait to see what February holds.

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