December 2019

December 2nd – 8th

December began with a lot of stress as it was assessment week, the week we had all been dreading! It kicked off with our Acting duologues and I was definitely the most nervous for this as I feel the most confident in Acting and wanted to do myself justice.

I had really enjoyed working on Hedda Gabler as its a play I really know and love and to play such a role is exciting and a real challenge. We watched our entire year perform and unfortunatley I was almosgt at the very end of the running order meaning I had a lot of time to sit and worry! Eventually it got to Donal and I, we left the room before the duo before us to prepare ourselves and then all we could do was our best. I was pretty pleased with it at the time as I survived at least!

The next was Dance! In a strange way, I wasnt that nervous for Dance despite it being my weakest discipline because I knew I had worked really hard and had done a lot of practice so I could only really go and do the best I could. My time slot was at 10:30am so when I arrived a lot of people had already done it and my first impressions of them was that they were SWEATY. We had a 15 minute slot where we did 3 of our prepared routines twice and the partner charleston once (thankfully as it is so knackering) meaning that the only time we were allowed to stop was to change from ballet shoes to jazz. So no time for water in between! I was pretty pleased with what I did in my assessment and came out feeling immensely proud of myself. I was definitely out of breath by the end and absolutely drenched (considering it was only 15 minutes it was mad how much we we were all sweating) and I didn’t want them to see I was panting and think I had no stamina so I just held my breath and croaked THANK YOU VERY MUCH before legging it out of there to huff and puff outside.

I definitely thought I was going to fail acting through song because it just went by so quickly that it was all a blur, I didn’t even know what I did! It was like I blacked out. I sat back down and said to Jack ‘omg I’ve failed!’ SO NOT GREAT.

However, we have all our results back and I am so pleased with all of the results! I didn’t fail singing somehow but did REALLY well which was shocking! Acting was fab and I couldn’t believe my feedback so encouraging and Dance was absolutely fine and I can’t ask for more than that! I just wanted to pass to be honest!

During that assessment week I tried to give myself little perks, like Ice skating at the Tower of London with Alex and going to see Fairview at The Young Vic! I finished the week with Alex’s birthday and had such a fun night! We started at Boxpark where we met all our mateys for drinks and then we headed to Ballie Ballerson (its like a nightclub with a ball pit in) and had pizza and cocktails and obviously messed about in the giant ballpit. We then went to Junkyard Golf and did 9 holes there which SOMEHOW I won (not that much of the mystery I was the only one relatively sober) but I am going to say its from my superior skill.

9th – 14th

This week was just a week kicking around in London! In someways I liked this week and in other ways not so much as it was a lot of doing nothing. I did some Christmas shopping with Emily which was nice and helped out at the open day for Trinity laban but I mostly just organised stuff to go home for Christmas.

Mum, Dad and Toby came down to meet me for lunch, see the third year show of City of Angels and take me home with all of my stuff. This was such a lovely day and I was so grateful to them for coming to pick me up.

The rest of the month

The rest of the month I spent kicking back at home, walking my dog, seeing friends and going to the gym. I had such a wonderful Christmas with my amazing family and It was so lovely to see everyone as I missed them all terribly whilst I was away. I am so grateful of the support they all unconditionally give me and they really make me feel so beyond lucky that I have the most amazing parents in the world.



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