November 2019

November has incredibly busy as in this half term we are coming up to our end of term assessments!

These assessments are in Acting, Singing, Dancing and Voice.

For Acting, we have a scene from a classic play and we are working in pairs to perform a duologue. I am doing Hedda Gabler and have had a really great time researching the play which I already really enjoy and find her such a challenge. We have been working for a few weeks on Actioning and the techniques we are being taught are absolutely fascinating. Acting has been a real highlight this term.

For singing, we are performing one of the songs we have chosen for Acting Through Song so can either be: Folk Song, Early Operetta, English Art Song or Late Operetta. I am going to do my late operetta which is Keep the Home Fires Burning.

Our dance assessments are a routine from each of our three jazz teachers and one from ballet and is definitely stressing me out the most. Fingers crossed I survive.

We have already done or voice assessments which was a monologue in an RP (received pronunciation) accent. I think that was fine because I can already do RP.

Outside of Drama school this month, Alex and I went to the Fireworks at Alexandra Palace which was really fun! The fireworks were great but they had like a DJ and these firebreathers and it was so weird to be watching that and dancing and then seeing push chairs and kids running around. Quite a mix!

My year also performed at Blackheath Halls in A Night At The Opera! The first act was by the classical students and then we were the second act. It was a really great evening and the classical students blew me away!

JJ and I also played our first wedding! We had a really great evening and everyone danced and sang along which was a real relief! We did about 2 hours and 30 songs so was a real challenge but we can’t believe how well received we were and all the guest were so kind.

This month I also got to see all three of the Royal Shakespeare Company shows at The Barbican which was really exciting because that is one of my goals in LIFE. The shows were Measure for Measure, As you Like It and Taming of the Shrew.

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