October 2019

October seems to have passed in a flash! This month was split between drama school schedule and half term at home including my 21st birthday!

1st – 18th

My time at Trinity has been jam packed and well out of my comfort zone as we are truly into the nitty gritty of ‘Legit’ (older more classical musical theatre) starting with Early Operetta and then Art Song for when we come back after Half Term. This means we are also really starting to learn about the anatomy of our voices and how to really use our larynx. This is both terrifying and fascinating also a little bit squeamishy. (that’s not a word but I think it fits the situation)

In dance we have started to learn routines as well as LOTS of technique and we spent most of our evenings frantically practicing them only to get in the hot seat in the lessons and have it go tits up. Classic!

I am really feeling an improvement in my dancing. Definitely in Tap as I had never had a tap lesson before going to Trinity Laban and feel like I’m picking it up pretty well which I’m thrilled about.

In Acting we are working on Naturalism and we were given our first group task. This was a storytelling task in groups of around 6 and for us to do in our own time. This was great fun and nice to be let loose a bit to do whatever we wanted. It was also amazing to watch everyone else’s and see what incredible talent we have in our year!

I’m feeling really settled in and like I’m doing well, although the nature of the degree means you are always questioning this 😂 I have made some amazing friends and created a real support system on the course.


We broke up for half term on the 18th of October but I stayed for the rest of the weekend to do a Shakespeare workshop at The Mono Box. My friend Emily and I worked with Giles Havergal and incredibly well accredited and wise man (who is 81 unbelievably).

He led a really fascinating workshop in the morning dissecting the famous ‘All the Worlds a Stage’ speech from As You Like It. This was really valuable because not only did he get the speech to sound and look good but he really helped us understand the text and how to approach a new Shakespeare speech.

We then moved onto the monologues that we brought with us. I decided to learn (in what spare moments I had during the busy week) a new monologue to add to my repertoire and to really make the most of this workshop. We started by staying seated and just vocally performing the speech whilst he stopped us and gave us advice and critique. We were then given the opportunity to do this twice more all the way through slowly adding in the physicality before finally doing a proper performance of our monologue.

This was a really interesting technique and it was amazing to watch everybody’s speeches transform through these stages. His advice and guidance with my speech has made it something I would be happy to go into an audition with and in the space of one day that’s pretty cool!

20th – 28th

Then I finally headed home! I had the best week ever celebrating my mums birthday and then my own birthday! I had a really fun 21st birthday party where everyone dressed up as ‘Things beginning with P’ and everyone looked really really good. It was such a good mix of people and Eleanor even did a quiz!

JJ and I also started our rehearsals for the Wedding in November we are playing and we are really excited for that!

29th – 31st

I chose to spend the second week of half term back in London with all of the studios at my disposal and so I could take a few dance classes. We also had a party for my birthday and my friend cam’s birthday and we did a Vines and Memes fancy dress party. It was hilarious as everyone looked so good!

On the Wednesday, I very bravely went to a Moulin Rouge pop up Jazz class at Base studios. Everyone at the class were graduates and professionals and it was VERY clear that I did not have a clue what I was doing. But I didn’t let it beat me and I actually kept up quite well so I had a good time and left feeling really proud of myself.

I then went straight into a studio at Laban to rehearse what we had actually been set for a couple hours and I am really aching!

Halloween has been chill with lots of work and rehearsing ready for the next half term and assessments!



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