September 2019

The highly awaited September blog is finally being written. I have been considering what to include in these monthly blogs and how to give an insight of Drama School without putting to much pressure on myself to write that I’ve been getting on really well and am top of the class which just isnt going to be the case all the time. So, I’m just going to keep it a bit souless and save all the juicy emotional stuff for when I release my memoir.

9th – 13th: Induction Week and Freshers!

Our first proper week as Trinity Laban students! This week was essentially just a lot of admin and settling in. We had quite a few lectures and seminars with course leaders and Principles to help us settle in and make sure we have everything we need and – of course- plenty of library tours.

This was also the time for my Musical Theatre course to get to know each other and start to make friends which I definitley think we have done. Being a really small course (50) and spending 40 hours a week together the sooner we could start to make friends the better.

I’m lucky enough to be in student halls which is a village layout so its very social. The courtyard between my block and another is where a lot of us sit outside and chat so it was very easy for me to get to know people. Our freshers events were great fun and whilst  I only went to three out of the 6 I still managed to get freshers flu and two weeks later still havent managed to shake.

Mid way through the week we were streamed into our dance classes by having a Ballet and Jazz lessons being sorted into A and B (top and bottom essentially), Music Theory by having to take a quiz quiz and tap by just letting our course leader know our experience.

16th – Onwards: The Actual Course Begins!

So Monday saw our official first day at drama school and it was a bit of a baptism of fire as Mondays and Tuesdays are our busiest days of the week.  It has been full on, terrifying but already so exciting and I know that this course is going to whip me into shape. I have some incredible teachers (multiple for dance so we experience all different styles and techniques) who teach at multiple other drama schools and are still active in the industry. This does make me feel like I wasted so much time worrying about getting into the schools (or not getting in) that are percieved to be the best so to arrive and discover all the teachers teach at the schools that turn peoples heads makes me think that this drama school elitism is ridiculous.

So the best way to give you a proper insight to how amazing the course is is to give you a walk through of all my different lessons!


CREATIVE ARTIST – Guest Lecturers and Seminars on us as a brand in the industry and how to manage ourselves the best way possible. E.g Agents, Equity, Mental health and Physical Health.

ACTING – Acting lessons with a really incredible teacher Helen Evans. She is amazing and I cant wait to keep working with her.

JAZZ  – 3 different jazz classes and teachers a week. Giving us a full range of different jazz styles and techniques and three different opinions on how we are doing it wrong.

BALLET  – 2 amazing teachers. One very traditional one more contemporary BOTH INCREDIBLE. I actually am really loving Ballet which is a bit of a shock as I didn’t expect to.

SHOW CHOIR – Foundation and First year are singing in a concert at Blackheath Halls in November. This is led by a west end MD so a great contact to have.

GROUP SINGING: Mostly harmony work and learning new ensemble numbers every week. We are encouraged to move around parts and really push ourselves. I really love group singing because I enjoy learning harmonies and consider it one of my strenghts so to be given really difficult pieces is a lot of fun. For Example: an excerpt from Pirates of Penzanze.

SPOKEN VOICE: Considering Vocal Health, Posture, Breathing, resonance. A lot to support singing and acting and improving our technique and vocal quality.

ACTING THROUGH SONG: Performing a song to the rest of your class and being critiqued on your acting (not really singing). We have different styles to prepare every two weeks as there isnt time to get through the whole class every week so we sing every fortnight. This entire first year is legit style across all of our classes.

PRIVATE SINGING LESSONS: We all have been assigned a different singing teacher and mine is so lovely im really happy to be working with her. In these lessons we work on technique and inproving songs we are preparing for ATS and songs we are adding to our rep.

CREATIVE LEARNING: Considering drama and musical theatre practitioners and how to apply that to our studies.

MUSICAL THEATRE VOICE: A technical singing class where we are required to sing the same song as in Acting through Song but it is crtitiqued from a technical singing point of view and it considers vocal health and technique.

TAP: We only have tap once a week and it is taught by our course leader Vicki. I am completely new to tap dance but am enjoying it so far!

LANGUAGE OF MUSICAL THEATRE: This is our Music Theory lesson where we are streamed into four groups and we are learning how to read music and sight read to support our other studies.


22nd September – Night PhotoShoot

I was so excited to meet up with Awaken Images from home and do a night shoot around london. This was just a really fun opportunity as Awaken wanted to practice and play around with effects that they can’t risk doing on a paid job and I got a fun evening out and lots of lovely photos!

28th September – Peter Gynt

Max came up to visit me which was really nice and we went to The National Theatre! The play was absolutely incredible and sitting in the 2nd row gave us an up close masterclass in acting from James McArdle. It’s long with two intervals but so fantastical and enthrawling!  Highly recommend!

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