August 2019

Hi all!

This month has been absolutely crazy and I spent most of it – in true stagey style – at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival ending it with a final Phoebe Noble concert.

10 – 20th


Edinburgh Festival was an absolute joy and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to perform for a week. We performed Slice of Saturday Night at venue 231 Greenside @ Royal Terrace and it was an bucket list experience for sure. The week we performed was great fun living with the cast in uni accomodation and being able to stroll into the centre ot see a show. Our performances were every day at 4:45pm so that meant we had most of the day to do as we pleased before heading over to the venue to get our sixties hair done and do the show.

The way the fringe shows work is that there are venues that have lots of different shows performing in them in quick succession which meant we had 15 minutes to get all of our set on stage, move the lights, do a sound check and make sure we were ready before the audience would come in and then we had 15 minutes to get everything back out, all of us out of costume and out the building for the next people. MADNESS. After a few times though we got the swing of it and by the end of the run had it down to a t.

On the Monday and Tuesday, our first shows, we did performance slots on The Royal Mile to let the fringers know we were there and give them a taste. We did a couple shows and then we were flyering for a while before and after. Flyering is a real skill because there are so many other shows doing it people are just unindated with flyers that they dont want to take yours. However, we had another show from the same group up at the fringe too so we double sided our flyers which helped us get the word out.

I must say the cast members of Sister Act (who had a sold out run!) were so kind to us by filling in the seats when we didnt sell out and coming to support us on the mile and get a crowd going. They were all so supportive to our relatively small and young cast.

The cast of our show made the experience so much better, having such a strong cast meant we had a great show! People did leave The Club A Go GO singing its praises and passed it on to other people which was really nice! We even had a visit from one of the original west end cast members who commended us on our great show. The icing on the cake though was getting a great review! Which you can read here:


We finished the run with all of my lovely friends coming up on the saturday to see our final show which we were lucky enough to sell out! 40c73374-1b35-4d85-a418-c08d61c04637

The rest of the fringe was spent in really lovely Air BNB in Morning Side with my friends where we saw shows, did the silent disco and had a GREAT time. Fringe was fab.




An Evening with Phoebe Noble… and probably the last one for  a while.

It was an amazing evening and I am so grateful for all the support. We raised £255 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation which was amazing and it was a great farewell before I move on the 8th of September!


I am extremely excited but also nervous to start next month and something tells me Septembers blog is going to be packed!


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