July has been one of the best months of the year so far. I was a part of two incredible shows and finished off the month with the best holiday of my life!


I was very lucky to be able to model for The Spanish Tourist Board in their garden designed by Rose McGonagill at The Royal Hampton Court Garden Show. This was a lot of fun as I got to wear a really fabulous period white dress complete with a little hat and parasol. My fellow model Andy and I just strolled around the garden posing on the veranda for the official photographer and any other press that came past. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun!

2nd – 6th

Week one of July was all about Much ado Ron Ron at The Apex. Performing at The Apex is a really luxurious experience for the actors because of The Apex’s nature is all about music and concerts their dressing rooms are so roomy and a really cool place to hang out. It was a hot week so coming into the apex was often a relief due to the air con and the spacious wings backstage meant we weren’t all sweating and on top of each other.

Performing with DN25 is always an amazing time because we love each other so much. We are just really great pals and there is a lot of support in the cast. The actual shows went really well and we had a great response from the audiences each night which was lovely and was the icing on the cake as with this cast I could do this show to no audience or a week and still have an amazing time.

7th – 13th

No rest for the wicked! After a fab after-party, I dragged myself to Soham to build the set which was a bit of a faff and then crack on with the sitz probe. The twelve-hour setup and rehearsal day really did me in and I lost my voice for a couple days which was a bit of a stress but with a bit of nurture and sleep it returned!

This show week was an incredible laugh (and a bit of a shock) the cast and I were feeling very apprehensive about the shows and worried we wouldn’t get the laughs we hoped for and it wouldn’t be received well. But we couldn’t have been more pleased the audiences loved the show so much it was almost surprising, we loved having them up and dancing with us during the bows and finale. We had such a good response that it’s made us even more excited to take this show to The Edinburgh Fringe.

We even got a great NODA review: https://www.noda.org.uk/show-reports/a-slice-of-saturday-night-1563347883


20th – 27th

THE BEST WEEK EVER. I had the most amazing time Island Hopping around Croatia in a fleet of 32 yachts. Party Sailweek was the most incredible experience jam packed with adventure and scenic spots, it was the best.

Check my instagram for all the pictures!

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