In a bid to make these blogs more frequent and quite frankly interesting I will be doing monthly blogs and any extras are a bonus.

June has flown by in a blur of scripts and rehearsals, July brings two different shows with back to back performances alongside work. One of which is the next DN25 project at the Apex performing on the 3-6th of July and the other is Slice of Saturday night in Soham over the  11th to 13th of July.

I have found myself darting between rehearsals, sometimes doing 12 hour days going from one to the other in a Sunday. (The day of rest!!) It has been very challenging to manage both of these projects at the same time which has meant missing rehearsal for one or the other due to both shows rehearsing on a Sunday. I have been trying to think of this busy time as good practice for when Trinity Laban where I will surely have plenty of projects up in the air at once.

Picking up where I left off, learning from videos on Facebook and being hot on my lines has been something I have been honing my skills on and have found that I am much more focused in rehearsals when I know I must be. I think both of these shows have taught me valuable skills that I will only get more practice in.

In Much a Do Ron Ron at the Apex, I play Ronni, the sassy pop leader of The Ronnettes. We sing we dance and we narrate most of the show and generally just have a great time. It’s a big role and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity and sing some great numbers.

Meanwhile, In Slice of Saturday Night which we run in Soham and then take up to the Edinburgh Fringe, I play Frigid Bridget. Another leader of a girl group but much bitchier. The whole show takes place in a night club where the boys chat up the girls and the girls cry in the bathroom.

June also saw me buying all the stuff I need for Drama School, which is a lot. Not only stuff for accommodation but dancewear too. I was very lucky to have received The Alan Holt Award from the Bury Operatic and Dramatic Society which gave me a bursary of £150 to spend toward my Drama School training.

A hectic and not very sunny June passed in flash ready for a show filled July!

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