Drama School Auditon Experience: Urdang

Urdang Academy is a great Musical Theatre College in the heart of Islington and an amazing part of London. There are two buildings as a part of Urdang, one of which you don’t see on the audition and I missed my Open Day. SO the first thing I noticed about this day is that its an EARLY start (well for me) 8:30 and there is a lot of walking around so the less stuff you can bring the better.  Also, there is a lot of stuff you need for the day and a lot you have to do in the day so be ready.

Sending off Applications:

With Urdang you need to apply with UCAS under the University of East Anglia and then also on their own website. Their application website is actually so helpful. From your dashboard you can choose your audition date, upload your headshot, choose your open day it’s just so helpful to have it all in one place. The audition fee is £45 plus the additional cost of sending off a UCAS.


BE ORGANISED. You need to bring lots of different outfits and clothes with you and makeup you don’t want to be forgetting things on the day or rummaging looking for them either and in terms of dance, you have a quick change.

So firstly you need to prepare 2 contrasting Musical Theatre songs, we only did one but always have two. You also need to bring a monologue (classical or contemporary) and the correct clothes for the dance classes.

For the Ballet Class, you need a BLACK leotard (a girl wore blue and it was noted) pink tights and ballet shoes. Then you have literally like 5 minutes to run into this other room and get changed into your Jazz audition clothes where you can wear a colourful leotard, black tights (over the top of the leotard) and jazz shoes. Do bring your water into the room with you. Bring a different outfit to sing and act in, look presentable and lovely.

Also, it is sort of an unspoken rule that at Urdang you wear a full face of makeup and red lipstick. I had heard about it and thought I will do it just in case and E V E R Y O N E had it.  Bring lunch as you can’t go out and get any.

The Audition:

So I arrived and was weirded out that like no one greeted you or like told you were to go, everyone was just awkwardly milling about trying to find a place for themselves. Then they finally called us through to this dance studio and we signed in at 4 different desks according to our last names and then sat waiting. The faculty then came in and explained the process and said that after 3-5 days you will either be a 1 – Full Scholarship 2- Offered a Place and invited back for a funding audition, 3 – Invited back for a recall or a 4 which is no.

My group first went to a student Q and A which was really fun and also settled a few of the stereotypes and worries people had. We had a warm-up and then went through to singing so we were taking back out into the main area of the school and were filtered through slowly, I sang one song and then they were like bye. Done easy.

Our group danced next and you do the Ballet and Jazz back to back. The day is supposed to end at 6:30 but if you dance first you finish at like 3pm we danced second and finished at 4 ish etc. The ballet class is hard and very classical but just perform and smile through it, do your best and remember that they have a pathway system so you could be going into the Actor Singer and then it doesn’t matter if you’re not an amazing dancer. You literally run to get changed and then you are back in for jazz, it’s hard. The first 4 counts of 8 are technical Jazz the next are commercial Jazz and then the last 4 are improv. Stress.

Then we had lunch and afterward, they split our group between Acting and Interview and then we swapped over. The Acting was really chill and easy no stress and the interview was really short and sweet covering the main points, no difficult questions.



So, I was offered a recall which was very exciting. I went back onto the audition platform and chose my recall date and they sent me what they wanted from me. During my Recall, they wanted to see me take the same Dance class again, sing again and have another interview. They didn’t want to see my acting for some reason but maybe they saw enough. They also sent me an email asking me to send back some small essay-style answers to some questions nothing major but just to show you can write. These were the questions:

Why do wish to study on the degree over the diploma course? 

What research have you undertaken or are interested in relating to musical theatre and/or dance? 

How confident are you at written work? What have you done to develop your writing skills? 

What strategies do you have to plan your time carefully? Consider that you will ned to juggle between practical classes, academic work and some performances. 

I didn’t actually attend my audition as something came up but I was very pleased with the fact I got one!

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