Drama School Audition Experience: ALRA

The Academy of Live And Recorded Arts offer Acting courses at BA and MA and have ALRA South (London ) and ALRA North (Manchester). The ALRA south building really does look like Hogwarts, however, they only have a small section of the building and facility wise is very small and makeshift. All of the staff seemed so lovely though and all of the students really enjoy it.

Sending off Applications:

To apply for AlRA you have to head to their website and apply privately online. It takes you to a table of audition dates South and North for you to choose from and then you carry onto the application form. It’s mainly just details and then a headshot and a fee of £45.


For this audition, you just need your standard Contemporary and Classical Speeches and then be prepared for some workshops in the evening.

The Audition:

So mine started at like 9 and we got there and were led in a warm up, the head of the school gave a little speech about the school and then we were put in our groups. So there was three groups and there was a mix of Foundation, MA and BA which was interesting as you didn’t feel that immediate sense of competition. My group went to do our Contemporary speech to one auditioner all in together, we then went back into the main hall to wait to be taken to do our Shakespeare with a different panel. I enjoyed this way of doing things as it means if you mess your first monologue up instead of being shaken and then messing up your next one you got a little breather to gather yourself.

After we had done this, there was a cut. About half of the auditionees were sent home and that means its the end of the road. Those who remained went to get lunch or stayed and ate lunch and then we were split into new groups and the workshops started.

So I started with Movement, which was a bit of yoga he taught a small movement routine and you applied that to your monologue. There was a bit of discussion about how it changed, how it felt to improvise the movement with your words.

Then we went to the improv/script workshop. You’re given a really dull script with no story line its just like:

‘Im so sorry’

‘go away’

‘I really am’


And you have to make it something he has never seen before. You are paired up to do this and you have some time to devise and have fun. My advice here and at every audition is DO NO fanny around and sit down and ‘chat’ about it THEY DO NOT LIKE THAT. Get up. Start trying stuff. if your group are saying lets sit and chat say NOPE. Lets just get going.

Then your pair are called into a room with 2 auditioners and a camera, you perform your piece and then maybe they re-direct you and then you go. Done.

Lastly, I had my interview it was pretty short and sweet but its nice to have a chat.



In the end, they offered me Foundation which I was disappointed with. I thought I had done really well and was hoping for BA but ah well. The thing with ALRA is that its privately run, so there is funding and student loan etc but you have to confirm your place with a registration fee of like £300 or something I can’t remember. But yeah, GOOD LUCK!

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