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Hi actor friends!

I know I have a lot of subscribers who loved my drama school auditions and posts about castings. I follow Bethany Suthers on Twitter and she is so great at getting roles for herself without an agent and she has just posted a blog all about how she does it. I deffo reccomend a read of her advice!

Good Luck!

That Suthers Kid

Hello beautiful thespians,

On twitter recently I tweeted about the work i’ve managed to get for myself so far this year and the tweet got well over 300 likes which is absolutely crazy! I got so many messages as a result of this tweet asking how i’ve managed to get so much work whilst being unrepresented so I thought I would create a blog post of advice and tips. Here goes…

  1. Casting websites

    I use a number of different casting websites to look for work. Every morning I start my day by grabbing a coffee, firing up my laptop and searching all the casting websites I know of for any roles I think I may fit. On average I manage to find 5-10 roles every morning that I apply for. These are the ones I use frequently:Starnow
    Ents Web

  2. Social media

    This is a really useful…

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