My First Professional Casting

Firstly, this was a super positive experience, the casting director and the producer could not have been nicer to everyone auditioning and it was just a great day. So this encompassed all of the tips and tricks I learnt from Cameron Jack when he came into MTM (Now MXM) to work with us on TV acting which I was really grateful for as I was up against actors that had agents, had travelled from all over the country to be there and had more training than myself. So for me to go in there and kind of know what I was supposed to be doing and not seem like a total idiot was the best.

This was an audition for a Feature Film which I am really excited about as it is a true story and is actually going to be something really cool. They are currently pitching to Netflix, Amazon Prime etc to use those platforms but they also have a chunk of funding from the EU so even if that doesn’t come through it will do the film festival circuit. So either way its going to be a proper film….. that I hopefully will be in.

My lovely friend Sarah sent me the link to the application for this film and a week later they asked me to send in a self tape of one of the scenes of the character I was interested in. I chose to audition via self tape for the character of ‘Brea’ (pronounced like brie the cheese WHICH I DID NOT KNOW and had to be told ha ha ha ha ha ha) and she is around my age and she seems really fiesty and complex. So I was able to use some of the tips from Cameron Jack about a self tapes but I wasn’t able to corral anyone into reading the other part for me off camera so I just left gaps where those lines would have been and hoped they wouldn’t think I was completely amateur.

Somehow I got lucky and they invited me to a call back day where they would further audition us for the roles. At this point I didn’t know this was a paid professional movie, I didn’t know it was going to be pitched to platforms like Netflix or about their plans for it in the film festivals so I was going because I need experience in screen acting and need more stuff for my showreel.


So hearing all that made me really nervous ahah. They started the day by giving us scripts and sending us off on our own to look at certain scenes. I went off and was looking at the part of Brea like in my self tape which I took as a good sign as some people were asked to call back for other roles so at least they could see me as the part I wanted. I  decided I was going to try and learn the lines so I didn’t have to hold the script, I wasn’t doing this to show off but more for myself and my own performance as I hate not being able to use one of my hands and having to look down to check a line and falling out of character. I went in and they stood me in front of a camera and asked me to do my slate and in my mind I was like AHA! I actually know what that is! So I did my slate and did the scene with the casting director reading in. At first I wasn’t sure where to look as the casting director and panel where off to the side of the camera and even though thats where you’re supposed to look I felt like that  would make look strange on camera and they would miss all of my facial expression so I just looked into the camera. There first time I did it I knew it could have been better but they asked me to turn up the anger a smidge and do it again and I think it was loads better.

I managed to survive until the afternoon rounds where I read a few different parts and the part of Brea again and they said they would be in touch.

As there isn’t a director chosen yet, due to waiting to hear from the distribution platforms, casting won’t be announced for a month or so. It was a really cool day and I hope that I get to be a part of the film, either as Brea or as a smaller supporting role somewhere. All of it is experience and this is a professional job so it would be great to be a part of it.

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