The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas | A Photo Diary


For the 1st week of May I was onstage at my local theatre playing Shy in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I had the best time performing with such a lovely cast and crew, it was such a fun show to rehearse and live out for a week. We were so lucky to have the amazing Sandy Miles taking photography for us right from the auditions to the curtain call. As we have such amazing photos I have decided to do a photo diary of my time in the show as opposed to a wordy blog. Enjoy the progressive growth of my hair.


Learning the dance routine for ’24 Hours of Lovin’. This was one of our first rehearsals and later became my favourite number to perform. It was probably one of the only meaty bits of dance the girls got to do and, even better, we got to do it in corsets and heels.


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

A Quick Snap. Up close and personal for Sandy’s portfolio. Fun Fact about me: This is my ‘It’s time to learn harmonies so concentrate’ sitting position.



Girl, You’re a Woman. No more crying… not out loud. Remember one good think about moving on is wondering what you’ll find, and one good think about a past thats gone is leaving it behind.


‘No kissing on the mouth! This ain’t the junior prom ya know!’ Shy with her first ‘customer’.

This is the funniest picture to me as for once Max and I were put together. We spent a lot of our spare time thinking up ways that we could milk this moment into a 5 second physical theatre piece. At one point we were sure we were going to, instead of shaking hands, launch into our very long secret handshake that includes several sound effects and a trust fall.


Getting Max into his Drag persona ‘Max Cleavage’


No matter how much I sprayed my curls they would never stay.



Shy arriving at the Whorehouse. Many of you may recognise this facial expression from whenever Max did anything remotely dangerous during rehearsals. It has a nice mix of ‘Oh God I’m very worried’ and a slight twinge of ‘I hate you for making my life so hard’


‘Its just a little bitty pissant country place’ All of our facial expressions are the best things ever.



Just before my Prom Dress was ripped off for 24 Hours of Lovin


The Cast!


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