The Mousetrap Awards 2018 – My First Professional Performance


Reviews and Full List of Award Winners:

My first professional performance! Not only did I get to sing with such a lovely friend but on the West End in the Charing Cross Theatre and for so many talented performers I admire.

The Mousetraps are a company that allow young people to attend theatre workshops and shows for £5 & £10. Their work is so important to getting young people involved in theatre and making it accessible.

This opportunity arose when Chiara Lari was asked to perform at the Mousetraps and asked me to sing a duet with her. We chose Hear My Song from Songs for a New World which is one that I was very pleased about as I have performed this a number of times and am fairly familiar with the harmonies.

As Chiara lives in London and I do not our rehearsal time was limited to when I would be in London or could get up to London. I have been crazy busy with The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and so could only really rehearse with Chiara twice.

Our first rehearsal was the day before our MTM Showcase at the Other Palace as I was staying over night due to having rehearsal on the Saturday and the performance on the Sunday. This was a good chance for us to split up the song assign parts and start thinking about harmonies.

As this was only a quick rehearsal and so I went away and whilst I was filming at Warner Bros was able to cut the music down and write some harmonies.

The day of the performance I couldn’t believe the amount of incredible people accepting the awards. Here is just a few of the award winners who came to support Mousetraps:

Dex Lee

Miriam Teak Lee

Rachel John

Obioma Augoala

Layton Williams

Rosie Glossop

Jordan Fox

Asmeret Ghebremicheal

Sanne De Besten

Adam Bayjou

Lucy O’Byrne

And so many more.

Whilst we were teching they warned us about a hole with a top layer of soil but is not solid and you will fall through. I practiced walking around the hole multiple times but still managed to step in it and nearly fall as I walked up on stage. Great job Phoebe.

I just had to carry on and do the best I could I messed up the words abit and was a bit early on one of the timings but I didn’t fall in a hole so I am going to let myself off. I’m really proud of Chiara and I for how we performed and I am so grateful to The Mousetraps for getting me involved and giving me such an opportunity.

The other performances were truly incredible. Temi, a gospel artists performed an original song which was so beautiful! Thea’s Truth a spoken word artist blew our minds with two pieces called ‘Young Man’ and ‘You’. They left everyone in the audience feeling inspired and in awe of her creativity and talent. NU4 a accapella singing group performed the Supremes ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ they were all incredible. All of the acts were so unique and bespoke it just proves young people are ready to take on theatre.

There was drinks in the bar afterwards and I honestly cannot express how amazing it felt to have my idols in Musical Theatre approach me and congratulate me and say that they thought my singing was good!! Madness. They are all so inspiring and have given me so much more motivation and determination to one day be up there accepting my own awards.

Chiara and I with winners Layton Williams and Miriam Teak Lee

Chiara and I

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