Drama School Audition Experience: Trinity Laban Morning and Recall

So first off, this is my first choice school which means crazy pressure. They have 3 buildings they work in the music building which is right near the Cutty Sark and looks like Hogwarts (hmm wonder why I’m tempted). The Dance Building which is really modern and pretty and looks like the GSA building which I love a lot but bigger and more interesting and then the Musical Theatre building which I didn’t see but everyone else said was equally as cute. This was also one of my favourite audition days because there was just more to it.

Sending Off Applications:

So this isn’t a UCAS application but A CUCAS which means it doesn’t take up one of your UCAS choices and you can have both of these portals going at once. You still have to do a personal statement and the only real difference is that as well as an academic reference you need an industry one too.


What you need to prepare:

Trinity Laban asked you to prepare two contrasting songs. ( I would make sure one of those is legit or have a legit on hand to give them the option) One monologue and then a short 90 second dance.

With the monologue they say only bring one but I would have two just incase they want to see anything else.

I don’t know anyone that had to do their dance but be prepared to do it.


The Audition:

The call time is 8:30 and you will register and be taken upstairs to one of the dance rooms where you are divided into two groups. My group left the room and went into Group Song and Improv whilst the other group stayed and danced first.

In the improv class we were taught a small song as a group and we had to devise in groups a scene that will lead into it. This was difficult as you don’t want to seem bossy but when people aren’t wanting to contribute and you are running out of time you have to kind of lead or you will be the group that has nothing to show. I was really worried about seeming like I wasn’t working in the team so it was quite difficult.

We then danced next and we did a warm up, some corner exercises which were just some kicks, turns and jetés so nothing too difficult and then taught a routine. This was a fast routine and they taught it really quick so I you just had to make sure you really saw what they were doing the first time they did it and familiarise yourself with dance terms so you know whats going on as well. There are current students at the front helping but it moves so quick trying to copy won’t help much. We were split with a student and these were the groups we performed the dance in, we were also able to spend a couple minutes in a huddle with our student going over any bits we found tricky.

After dance our group was split into two (now there are 4 groups overall) and half of us had a break and my half went down to do our monologues. This was a traditional one by one in a small room with the panel audition. It was really fast and they just said ‘Thank You’ so there are no questions to worry about or anything. Then we swapped over and my group had a break.

After this at around 12 both Half of my group rejoined and we went up to the dance room again and we performed 1 of our prepared songs. We stood up one by one in front of one another and sang, it wasn’t crazy daunting as everyone was really supportive of one another. Absolute classic me went to set the tempo with the pianist and as my sheet music doesn’t have a time signature she kind of only has my word to go by. She played me a bit and even though I knew it was to fast I nodded and walked away. WHY. And then I just had to try and force her to follow my lead and hope she would slow down, which she did cos she is lovely and talented.

Then after the last person sang, they read out a list of names of people to stay for a recall.  and luckily I was on that list.


They gave us times for us to come back up and in the mean time we were to wait in the cafe or do whatever as long as we were upstairs ten minutes before our call time. My time was 2:45 and when I went in they asked me what my second song was and I gave them a choice between my uptempo and a legit ballad. They chose the ballad and I sang that for them a couple different ways and that was all they wanted to see from me.


Overall, a pretty good day. Now we just have to wait and see!

UPDATE: I am on the reserve list!!!

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