Drama School Audition Experience: GSA Acting

So this time round I was auditioning for their acting course but due to timings I had to go to the regional audition at the DanceXchange in Birmingham. My super cute dad drove me all the way up and waiting about for it to end and then drove me all the way back (CUTE).

This audition was a bit different to any I have done before, there was more time spent with us and it was a very casual affair.


Sending off Applications:

As it is Guildford School of Acting you have to apply through UCAS and then exactly the same as the Musical Theatre applications the you will then have to make an account through Surrey Self Service where you can then pay and get your audition date.

This Audition costs: £55

What to prepare:

So for this audition they only required you to bring one classical and one contemporary monologue which is pretty standard and a passport photograph. Unlike the Musical Theatre audition they didn’t actually want the passport photo but that was just my experience, still take it.

The Audition:

In my audition there was only two people on the panel and they were graduated alumni of the course. They started off with like doing a going round the circle introducing ourselves kind of thing before starting the physical workshop.

This audition started with what they described as a movement call which I was thinking is that a bit of dance or something so bought my jazz shoes just in case and I wore stuff that I could dance in but wasn’t full on leotard. It turns out it was not one of those situations and it was just an improvisation as a group where we basically played follow the leader in small groups until we all blended together into one. I think its basically just to see how you work in a team and if you know when to back down and not like fight to be the one leading all the time.

Then they politely asked us to get out and we just grabbed some water before being called back in. They then asked us to sit in two rows making a sort of runway down the room. What was different about this audition was that there was no calling up of the names or announcing who you were and what you were going to do. He just said ‘okay so just get up in and perform in the middle of the two lines in any order’ he didn’t want us to say what we were gonna do and to just start. So this girl jumps up and points at me to stand next to the panels table so she could direct it at me and then because I was already stood up it was just natural to go next.

So we watched everyone and then that was it, it may be different when it is actually at GSA but that was just my experience.




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