Drama School Audition Experience: Arts Educational

So I’m going to open this by saying that in no way do I view the school in a bad way and I am completely in awe of their amazing reputation. My experience was just my experience and everyone has a different experience so please don’t take my word too seriously.


So the school is in a really nice area of Chiswick and is just of a really nice little high street. The school interior is really nice and I got a very friendly vibe from everyone one there. The first thing I noticed was the other students and there is a lot of students; GCSE, A Level and Degree. This was quite strange for me as my sixth form was separate from the main schools so its been 3 years since I have seen a Year 7 in a school environment. Personally, this was quite off putting for me as well as getting the best education I can I want to feel like I have a place to relax and I feel at home in my degree and ‘grown up’. I want it to feel like a uni as opposed to my previous school.


Sending Off Applications:

So Arts Ed you need to apply online through their website. You will have to attach a photo, provide some personal information and then do a personal statement of about 300 words.

They give you a choice of the audition dates and you order them in terms of preference, you then pay for £48 pounds and they will email you your date.


What to Prepare: 

They ask you to prepare a Legit Pre 1965 ballad and a contemporary that contrasts. They want you to have a 1 minute version of these songs as well as a full version so when you are first auditioned they will ask for one of the songs 1 minute version ( they nearly always ask for the legit) and thats all you’ll sing until the afternoon.

If you get through to the afternoon they have a list of Shakespeare monologues for you to prepare so you pick one and prepare a modern  monologue.

The Audition:

So I went in and I said hi and everything, they chose my legit song, I sang about 1 line….then they raised the key…I sang another line then they cut me off and sent me out. As far as I’m concerned they should have listened to the whole minute and they should have let me get a bit further into the song before changing the key. I was abit disappointed as how you can hear a persons voice from two lines. If this happens to you at your audition you just have to be like okay maybe they just didnt think I’m right for their school from the first line and if I’m not right for them then they aren’t right for me. Everything is just perspective and opinion.

Then you have a dance section and they ordered us in the room by our numbers, I was in the group with the boys who were 1-14 and so they were all at the front. This was fine until it came down to learning the routine as the gals at the back couldn’t really see what was going on. We asked to swap lines but they weren’t keen on it and the boys would just fight their way back to the front. (no disrespect to them as its their auditions too and they were just playing the game) So when it came to showing the routine in pairs none of the girls were confident and yeah.


They then read out names of those through to the afternoon and handed out letters to those who didnt get through to cover legal stuff I think. Yeah not my most positive experience and If I have to audition next year I don’t know if I will audition there again as I couldn’t really envisage myself there and I can’t afford it anyway.

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