Drama Schools Audition Experience: LAMDA

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is in London’s Hammersmith a stones throw from Barons Court Tube Station. Lamda runs an Acting Course and then various Music courses, from what I saw the school was really nice even though it does look a little like a prison. One boy put it right by saying ‘How do I get out of this labyrinth’ as he left due to all of the brick walls looking very similar and there aren’t many pieces of art around or anything to distinguish where you are. I think you would need a version of the marauders map at first. It was a nice prison though as there were lots of floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of light and the rehearsal rooms were large and had a really nice feeling to them.  The one we were waiting in looked over onto the train tracks which was just really cool.

Sending off your application:

To apply to LAMDA you need to fill out the application forms on their website, it is quite extensive but you are able to save it and come back to it. (I am doing this from memory so I am probably going to forget something or get them in the wrong order but this is just so you are prepared for their questions)

  • The first thing you fill out is your basic details and contact information and then they ask for any dates that you can’t do so they don’t send you an audition on one of those dates.
  • Then they do ask for a kind of personal statement but they split it into 3 boxes of: Details of pre 18 education, including institution, year and grade; Details of your post 18 education, including institution, year and grade and then Details of any dramatic training or acting experience.
  • Details about criminal records and what kind of student loan you need and if you want to apply for any scholarships etc.
  • Payment (£54.00)

From there they then will send you an email with your audition date which you will then need to reply to the email with a confirmation.

What you need to prepare:

Lamda ask you to prepare:

  • One Modern Piece that isn’t from a little known or unknown author.
  • One Classical Speech

And thats kind of it, they didn’t really specify much which actually stressed me out quite a lot because I was so worried I hadn’t got the things I needed.

The Audition:

So my time was at 16:15 and there was about 6/7 other people in for that time too and then when we signed in they put a number next to your name and thats the order you went in. So I was 3rd to get there so I went 3rd. The auditions did end up running behind abit so I would recommend getting there quite early especially if you have to catch a train after so that even if they are running behind you will be one of the first to go.

I was taken upstairs into a waiting room where there were quite a few other people waiting and sitting on chairs, It was quite an awkward room as some people want to make nervous chatter and others just wanted to focus. I was in there quite a while but then one of the students came in an called me and 2 other guys. There were two rooms of auditions going on and we did some more waiting outside before going in.

You go in and they ask you to sit down in front of them where they then ask for your speeches for them to write down. Then the floor is yours.

After you’re done, you go back outside and wait outside a different room which has a couple of graduates in. They will call you in and ask again what pieces you did and from there you have a quick interview. I wouldn’t stress over this at all, they don’t ask any weird questions just about what you are doing at the moment i.e School, work and that is your chance to tell them about anything exciting you have done. They were super nice and lovely!

And then you just left.

So this audition is a real in and out kind of one.



I really don’t feel like a did my best and showed them what I could do. My shoes were so squeaky on the floor and I felt so self conscious I just really felt like I wasted the opportunity.

SO they said they would get back to me in 2 weeks and that came and went so after 4 I emailed them (knowing by then that it was a no but still wanting the courtesy of a no) saying ‘Hey, I haven’t heard anything’ and kinda super blunt they replied like ‘oh yeah sorry its a no’.

I kind of thought this was super bad of LAMDA and kind of lazy as I had paid to be there and audition.

Im not gonna get super into this but I also felt a real difference in the treatment of boys and girls here a they barely looked up during my audition but my friend (who is a boy and lovely and very talented) he audition and they were very receptive, he then emailed and said he didn’t feel he had done his best and is bummed about it and they let him go back and retry his first round for free. I just really don’t think that would have been the case for a girl. BUT. OH WELL.

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