Drama School Audition Experience: Guildford School of Acting Musical Theatre

Guildford School of Acting is one of my favourite drama schools. Getting to spend 2 weeks there in the summer of 2016 and attend their Pre – Audition course that following September. I auditioned for this course last year with no luck but this year I feel a lot more confident and ready for this years attempt. Unlike last year I was able to audition at the GSA Campus which made me feel a lot more at home as I knew the building. Also unlike last year, GSA have added a dance call into their first round auditions as opposed to just singing one song. This made me a lot more nervous as dance is not my strong point.

Sending off Applications:

Due to GSA being a part of the University of Surrey you also apply for them through UCAS. Once it has gone through and you have sent off your application you will get an email from Surrey Self Service which will link you to their applicant portal. This is how you will track your application.

In your email from Surrey Self Service it gives you a personal ID which you will use to log on and by heading to the ‘events’ page you can pay for your audition which will then be processed. When they have finished processing they will emailing you saying the dates re up for you to choose from. My acting email came through the next day giving me the dates but MT took a while and in the end I emailed them and they were like sorry here you go.

When you have selected a date and time and confirmed there are two documents you can download, one about the structure of the day and the other about all the information of what you need to wear, bring and prepare.

What to prepare: 

For this audition you only need to sing one song of around 2 and a half minutes.

For the dance call you don’t need to prepare anything you are taught a routine

You need to bring a passport size photo.

The Audition:

Dance Call: In the dance call we started with a light warm up of Plies; Isolations; Stretches;Body Combat; Press Ups and Flat Back exercises.

Then we headed over to the corner where we were taught a sequence from the corner which included kicks, a pirouette a jump and some other footwork. After having a quick practice all together and asking some questions we had to do it in twos whilst he watched and marked it.

Singing: As I was one of the first to do the corner work sequence I was 2nd to sing in this part of the audition. We did do a warm up and the dance teacher was also on the panel alongside the head of singing who would actually be doing the auditioning. It was nice to have the dance teacher there as that meant someone was actually looking at you and watching you which tends to make it easier. Overall I think it went alright I messed my words up but I doubt anyone noticed.




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