Drama School Audition Experience: Tips!

I just thought I would add a bonus blog of tips that I have uncovered whilst doing my auditions. Starting with Getting Organised!

Getting Organised: 

So the first thing I did to ensure that I didn’t forget anything I was supposed to be doing was make spreadsheets. I had one spreadsheet for organising my applications and another for the audition requirements.

Below is my spreadsheet for my audition monologues and songs. I started off by marking ‘x’ under the column of requirement and along the row of the School. I then started filling them in with my speeches. This was handy to have for me as I always knew I was prepared for the audition and laying it out like that made me feel clearer about what I was going in there to do.

Speeches and Songs

This spreadsheet I used to make sure I kept on track of my applications. The best bit of this I found was making note of deadlines and the way they take applications. I just felt more on track of things with this.

2018 Application

Top Tips:

  • Dont stress about what to wear. Just wear what you feel comfortable in, just remember where you are going and what you may have to perform.
  • If you feel better in makeup. Wear makeup.
  • Bring PaperClips, Pens, Pencils a Rubber. Anything stationary wise you may need.
  • Take a minute before you start. Gather yourself.
  • Be as open minded as possible, try and give anything they ask a go.
  • If you are in an audition where the rest of the auditionees are watching… control your face! If it’s gone shit when you sit down don’t act like it’s gone shit be chill because they want to see resilience. And if someone gets up and is way better than you don’t even THINK about giving any side eye as they will see.
  • If someone also gets up and sings your song/does your monologue directly before you. Do it anyway. Just watch what they did and notice if any bits you could do better. Don’t change your piece there in the room or you will frazzle yourself.
  • If you have chosen one monologue for the entire season try starting a new monologue half way through the season. You can use what you have learnt from other people and through the experience to devise it and that way you will go in the room with a freshness and a bit of nerves for the monologue. You don’t want to have done your monologue to death and be so bored of it you can’t muster up the enthusiasm to make it good
  • If they give you a name tag and it falls off (which it will if it’s a sticker) don’t run into the middle of corner work where people are dancing to retrieve it as this is distracting for other people and you don’t want to seem unfocused.
  • When they ask for passport pictures if you have headshots I printed them off at boots the wallet size.
  • If you’re going to be late call ahead.
  • Don’t underestimate somebody’s talents or in any way try and bitch about anyone to anyone. That makes a bad vibe and if you get in with those people you’re giving a name for yourself that may not be accurate. Tbh don’t bitch in general just be nice.
  • Everyone says be yourself which is true but if yourself is someone that asks to go to the toilet mid way through the group warm up then don’t be yourself 😂

Thanks! If anyone has any more to add to this please comment below ❤️

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