Drama School Audition Experience: RADA

My first audition of the … ‘Season’.. I think I will call it for the rest of this series. You will be able to flick through all of my audition experiences in category of ‘Drama School Audition’. I will post them all when I have finished all of my auditions just so I can reduce pressure. But, hopefully by posting them I will help other people in the future who are thinking of applying to these courses and want a heads up to the procedure.  So, my first Drama School Audition of the ‘Season’ and it was at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for their three year BA (Hons) Acting course.

Sending off the application: 

This application was the only one of my other schools to need to be sent off by post. The application asked for basic personal details and a small headshot affixed at the top of the first page. Then there were 3 sections where you were required to write about your previous acting experience, why you want to train as an Actor and your other hobbies and personal interests. Then there is a page of tick boxes for you to express your needs in terms of fee’s and a section for international students, followed by disability disclosures and then payment for your auditions.

My original plan for these auditions was that I would time me sending off the applications so that my auditions occur on the other side of Christmas and I think mainly because I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW POST WORKS they replied and offered me an audition in the space of 2 days which was a shock as other people who have applied hadn’t received their dates until 2 weeks later. SO. They replied quickly and gave me a date two weeks from their email which ended up being 8/12/17 (The day I was also seeing Hamilton- which blew my mind). This was a lot sooner than I anticipated.


For this Audition I needed to prepare:

  1.  Speech A – Classical The classical piece should be from Shakespeare or an Elizabethan/Jacobean playwright (Jonson, Marlowe, Webster, etc.). It should be originally written in English – so do not choose a piece from a Greek tragedy or a Molière comedy.

2. Speech B – Contemporary The contemporary piece should provide a clear contrast to the classical piece and be written after 1960.

3.  Speech C – Alternative Classical You must have an alternative classical piece prepared (same rules as Speech A), which you may or may not be called upon to perform.

To kill a couple birds with one stone, I chose my classical speeches from the list that Central School of Speech and Drama require as that is my next audition.

The Audition:

So, because we were seeing Hamilton that evening Max came with me and was very helpful at not letting me throw myself into traffic due to nerves. I got to the building which is very central in London and a stones throw from Tottenham Court Road and MTM so I knew the area quite well already.

My audition time was 10:45 and I got there for 10:30 just to be on time and I was not the only one with that idea as most of the candidates were already sat in the lobby. I started chatting to a few as they commented on my Slytherin Jumper and we were sharing Hogwarts houses as you do. One of the boys has his central audition on the same day as myself so I will see him again then. (#SmallWorld) The building itself I thought had a really nice vibe and the interior was a fusion of traditional old London building and modern with nice studios and glass corridors. We didn’t get to see much of the building whilst we were there but on the whole what I saw I really liked.

We came through into a room on an upper floor with a long table with lots of pencils and we were handed back our original application forms just to check all of our contact details were correct. Then there was an extra page attached where we needed to write down the Title of Play, Name of Character and Playwright of all of our speeches.

When they were handed back to the lady (she was cute and worked for the admissions department so we could ask her questions as well which was handy).  and then she split them into two groups, one of which will be staying in the current building and the other across the road to another RADA building. She also told us the order we would be going in and auditioning… I WAS FIRST. FAB.

I was also staying in the current building. So we were led upstairs to a corridor and waited to be called in. The Auditoners were really really nice and sat me down to chat for a bit about work and theatre I’ve seen and what I’ve been doing on my gap year so I felt a lot better after having a moment to gather myself. I started with my Modern piece and that went well I think and then the Shakespeare A, I didn’t need to do my alternate, and the Shakespeare I think I rushed it a bit at the beginning but I think I managed to pull it back for the second half.

Who knows! They asked me a couple more questions and then I left.

Overall, it was a pretty positive first audition. They were really kind to me and made me feel comfortable and I came away not feeling down on myself or like I’d done a bad job. I think it was a good one to start with as RADA is like the mother of all drama schools so I could go into my other ones with the attitude of ‘If I can do RADA and it was totally fine, I can do the others’.


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