Introduction: Drama School Audition Experience

My Drama School auditions are finally over! The season has been pretty rough and I decided to do 9 auditions for all London based schools in Acting and Musical Theatre. I wrote up my experiences of each of my auditions to help anyone else who is going to be auditioning there and wants to know what it is like and the procedure.

I am going to start releasing the blog posts every week as part of a series and then at the end I will do a quick conclusion which is more personal to me and results and STUFF. This is the order I will release the blog posts:


Central School of Speech and Drama

GSA Musical Theatre


Rose Bruford

Arts Educational Schools

GSA Acting

Trinity Laban

Guildhall School of Music and Drama



All opinions about any of the schools are completely my own opinion and I have the upmost respect for every one of these schools or I wouldn’t have auditioned. I firmly believe that you are not only being auditioned by the school but auditioning the schools as well, you need to make sure you like the school you’re going to and some places suit different people. I am in awe of all of the amazing graduates these schools churn out and in turn all of the faculty.


Thanks Enjoy!

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