NYMT Recall| The Beautiful Game and A Little Princess

I was lucky enough to have been recalled by National Youth Musical Theatre for 2 of their summer  productions: The Beautiful Game and A Little Princess. I was super chuffed to have been recalled as they saw over 1000 auditionees and only recalled about 200 across all 4 shows.

The first audition I had was The Beautiful Game which we had to prepare 3 of the songs provided to us and familiarise ourselves with a couple of scripts. When we arrived we started with a vocal warm up and as a group we sang through all of the songs just to jog our memory. From there we went downstairs and learnt a dance that in the show will be the boys as it is during a football match but it was a really fun dance. It was quite nice to get to play a beefy footballer and pretend to skid along the floor and kick the ball, something I will NEVER do in real life. The dance definitely wasn’t easy and it was quite fast paced as we had to move on to the rest of the auditions.

We went back up to the classroom we had our warm up and each of us stood up one by one and sang one of the songs we had had to prepare. Most of the girls chose ‘If this is what we’re fighting for’ as it was the only one that was a proper solo and it was longer than the rest. I chose to sing this one as it was the only one that was close to being in my range as the other two were just crazy high. I think it went alright to be honest I knew that I wasn’t going to be the best at singing this song so I just had to act it as best I could.

Then we moved on to acting and they were really good about the accent saying that we could do the scene once through without the accent and then do it again and just give it the best shot you can. Mine switched between Irish and Geordie most of the time but I don’t think it went too terribly.


Then we had a quick lunch break before I went to my A Little Princess audition which for this we were sent a script, a choice of 2 solos and a dance video full of Indian gestures to be familiar with.

We started with the movement section and working some of the gestures into a sequence whilst someone stood out and read a poem about the change of the seasons. This was definitely way out of my comfort zone and at some points I found it quite difficult to just improvise Indian gestures when I don’t really know anything about them but I powered through and really enjoyed it by the end.

We then went on to singing and like before we all sang through each song together once then got up one by one. I sang ‘Say Goodbye’ which is a really sweet song and is just super pretty. As it is the LITTLE princess there were a few really little girls and when they were singing I was just melting. BEYOND cute.

For the acting, they assigned us partners and characters and then we performed them in the round and workshopped the scenes with all different people to explore all of the different possibilities. This was a really interesting approach and it really emphasised physicality of characters.

I was pretty knackered after this day but really pleased to have been chosen for both of these shows. We should hear from them either today or tomorrow so I shall keep you posted!

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