NYMT Audition

So as I am in the midst of Drama School auditions and sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them I thought that it would be smart to audition for NYMT. National Youth Musical Theatre is a company that puts on New Musicals and Musicals with a cast of young people and does a few performances around the country. I think its a really good opportunity and a good gateway into the industry.

I had my audition on the 13th Jan which is the first of the London dates in Pimlico which was fun because thats an area of London that I haven’t been to before and because I was early I got a chance to explore it.

The audition started at 11:00am and we were split into 3 groups dependant on age and we rotated around the three groups. My group started with Acting then Singing then Dance.


We started by going round and introducing ourselves and naming two musicals that were on our mind, not necessarily our favourite so I said: Greatest Showman and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

We were then split into small groups and we played a game of ‘Would I Lie To You’ all of the group agreed on a statement which was true for one person and we had to vote on which one of the group was telling the truth. This was a really fun game and got everyone comfortable with one another as well.

We then took one of the statements and were given a style per group to recreate on of the stories in. E.g Musical, Kids TV, Zombie Apocalypse and we performed those.

Finally we got into pairs and worked on a script from one of the plays NYMT are going to put on this season which we performed. Throughout this whole process we were being ‘marked’ I guess. It didn’t feel like that though as she was so nice and she joked around with us a lot and was just really nice.



The vocal session felt a lot more like an audition because it was kind of a classic warm up and then one by one we get up and sing. Again, the MD was really nice but due to one of the creative team being ill the MD was accompanying and auditioning. That meant that he didn’t have the luxury of actually watching our acting through song and as he was trying to do both quite understandably he got bits of peoples songs wrong. But this was a very rare situation and to be honest didn’t affect people properly.


We started with a warm up and like an ab workout. From here we learnt a routine but it wasn’t a crazy difficult routine and they were mainly looking for acting through the dance. Because one of the productions NYMT is putting on is very physical theatrey so we spent half an hour responding to scenario’s in a physical way. This was quite hard at first to get into but everyone really got into it in the end and throw all abandon to the wind and it was actually really fun.


So that was it! We should hear from them in a few days, it was a really fun day and its nice to do an audition like this where the pressure is off. I am going to be posting about all of my drama school auditions every Thursday starting in March for you to read!



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