MTM Christmas Concert


This and West End Live were FOR SURE the best things I have done with MTM so far. The Christmas Concert was so magical I feel immensely honoured to have been a part of it. Sharing the stage with accomplished performers who stunned the audience with their amazing vocals was such a dream.

We were so lucky to have been joined by:

Gina Beck who sang Ave Maria like I have never heard. Literally the most awe inspiring rendition that just left everyone utterly speechless. Here’s a cheeky pic of that:

We were also joined by Trevor Dion Nicholas who, as we all know, is already a fan favourite at MTM. All of the students who worked with him earlier in the term love him to bits. He was also cute enough to chat to my dad and he is just so so kind and sweet. He was also generous enough to donate 2 tickets and backstage passes with meet the cast to West Ends Aladdin! Trevor sang ‘The Christmas Song’ more commonly known as ‘Chestnuts roasting’ and it was literally beaut!

Cassidy Janson from ‘Leading Ladies’ (I know how crazy) was there too! She sang ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’ from Beautiful. Cassidy actually starred in Beautiful in the West End so as I wasn’t lucky enough to see her perform then it was such a treat to see her sing one of my favourite Carol King songs last night. She was also mega nice and just really cool.

But, I think my favourite moment of the show was when Norman Bowman the performer with an incredible CV and has literally been in everything sang Holly Jolly Christmas. Not only did I just love his style he was so relaxed and it just sounded so amazing but in the instrumental section started running own the aisle throwing celebrations around. I think this was my favourite part as it was just so random and completely something I WOULD DO! Yh it was so funny I was shook.

We had a real Les Mis section as after we sang ‘Oh Holy Night’ with The Barricade Boys they did their own rendition of I Dreamed a Dream followed by Fred Yohansen who SLAYED stars. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it that good in my LIFE. He was also so kind and chatty to all of us and interested in what we were doing.

One of my favourite performances was by The trio of : Lucinda Lawrence (Our dance teacher at MTM but my GOSH SHE HAS SOME PIPES!) Symbi Akande and Victoria Jayne Hinde who did a really lovely Andrews Sisters style performance of ‘Last Christmas’ this number was so unique and special but made even more so by the World Champion Tap Dancer Jack Evans dancing alongside them which was just so cool!

My favourite number to sing I think was ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ which we sang alongside Jordan Shaw who’s voice is literally like SILK. I was melting listening to him singing it was so beautiful.

Whilst there were plenty of numbers dutifully taught and led by our MD Colin who is a real bae. There were still the classic cheesy Christmas numbers everyone knows and love like: Sleigh Ride, Let it Snow, Underneath the Tree, Winter Wonderland and All I Want for Christmas is You. Amazingly, we were joined by X Factor Contestant and 2017 Eurovision Entry (I am such a Eurovision fan so I was mega pumped for this) Lucy Jones! Who came straight from Paris to be with us and it was just a really mess around song for us whilst Lucy was DELIVERING.

To finish off we sang Feed the World where I had a cheeky little line πŸ˜‰ Whilst that may seem insignificant to some to even have one solo line in the company of such Musical Theatre ROYALTY was the coolest thing. Following this, to have everybody back up on stage to sing ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ was so magical and so much fun!

All of this was for an incredible cause and I just know amongst the raffle and the tickets sold we will have raised so much money for Children with Cancer UK and all the amazing work they do! As this only happened last night I will be adding to this post as more video clips/photos emerge!


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