MTM End of Term Showcase

Last Sunday I took part in my second End of Term Showcase with Musical Theatre Masterclass. The showcase took place at The Other Palace Theatre in the Cabaret Stage. This performance space is smaller then the main stage in which we performed last term but that stage is currently the home to the musical ‘Big Fish’!

The cabaret stage was small but we made it work by minimising the people in dances and spending most of the days rehearsal blocking and organising how to get us on and off the stage safely and in an aesthetically pleasing way. I really liked the feeling of this space as its seats were standard chairs meaning they could be arranged in however the company wanted including some seats that were corner sofas. The bar in the far corner also meant that the audience can move around the space instead of the static routine of a normal theatre. The cabaret stage was also really intimate and performed to the room as a whole due to its angle. A portion of the stage was taken up by a beautiful grand piano and I can just picture an evening similar to ‘Famous in NY’ or ‘Broadway Sessions’.

Whilst the performance was on going we were sharing the wing space with the cast of Big Fish! That was very entertaining and in some places rather awkward as they ran out of their stage left doors to do their NUMEROUS quick changes. Yet, seeing their amazing and extravagant costumes was really amazing and getting to be a fly on the wall of a running west end show was so interesting.

The actual performance went really well considering the amount of us that were shuffling around on stage and off and it was really nice to have Micheal back and hosting the show.

We are properly finishing the term with a Christmas Gala in the Covent Garden Actors Church.


Audition Process Update:

So I sent off my UCAS and UCAS Conservatoire on Monday and most of my other applications. I have heard back and have now got audition dates for RADA, LAMDA, ARTSED and  GSA Acting. Hopefully the rest will let me know the dates soon!

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