Musical Theatre Masterclass | Trevor Dion Nicholas



On Sunday the 15th of October MTM hosted a very special V.I.P for an amazing opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional in the industry: Trevor Dion Nicholas.

In the previous weeks we were auditioned by Micheal Jibson from the London West End Hamilton Cast to determine who would get to sing for Trevor and gain his direct feedback. These were announced last week by Micheal backstage of the Prince of Broadway. I was really surprised and chuffed to have been chosen as a reserve singer as there are so many talented people at mtm who are peodominantly singers. Whilst I love to sing and would say that harmonies are one of my biggest strengths, I find my range limits me meaning I would consider myself peodominantly an actor.  So when I saw I was a reserve I was really happy to have been recognised as one  to watch, it didn’t matter if I didn’t get a chance to sing I would still be able to learn from Trevor through his work with other people.

When I arrived at MTM two really talented girls has fallen ill meaning they couldn’t sing for Trevor 😦 I felt so sad for these girls who clearly had been chosen for good reason and wouldn’t be able to sing today. On these less that ideal circumstances it meant that I would be singing for Trevor.

Everyone who performed were really fab and all of his feedback I was able to take notes on and relate to myself. It was really nice to hear everyone sing as I had not even heard some of my closer mtm friends really sing alone and I was so proud of everyone.

I used this opportunity to trial a song I have been hoping to take to Drama School auditions and as it is a more obscure song I wanted to know for sure that it was right for an audition. I made a conscious effort in the week running up to this Sunday to, of course, try and put all of Micheal Jibsons criticism and feedback into action and when I performed the song for the first time to Trevor I definitely think I had improved on those areas. Trevor’s feedback was really fab and he made me feel a lot more confident in the song choice and in myself as I embark on the gruelling season of auditions. The second time I went through the song he asked me to try an alternate to the thought out emotional journey I was portraying: trying to show the characters excitement turn to sadness at the memory of her late father. Trevor said out of interest what would happen if I tried to keep the hope and joy instead, I took a moment to think and then performed again this time letting my improvisation take me and I think I produced a version of the song that was a lot different to the first. Trevor said that both version were good and great options for me.

Overall, He was a really great v.i.p to have in and his knowledge on a whole variety of areas and aspects of the industry were beyond helpful for us as budding actresses and actors.

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