Gap Year Progress


I didn’t take the decision of a gap year lightly and unlike what some may assume it wasn’t a cover up excuse to not getting into Drama School last year. Last year I went to an audition at Mountview Academy of the Arts in early September. I realised immediately that one I was not ready and two, I couldn’t keep up with my school work and apply that year. Therefore, I decided that taking a gap year and earning would help me develop as an actor and performer but as a human being too.


It is common knowledge that dance is NOT my strong point. However, working at MTM and being challenged every week with new dance styles have opened my eyes to my strength’s as a dancer and made me far more confident. Hopefully by the end of this year I will have (at least) passed my Grade 5 Ballet and Grade 5 Modern dance exams. If I do manage this that will actually be a huge achievement for me as Ballet is definitely not my strong point and actually being able to hold a grade shows that I have a base layer of classical training and some formal dance training. I am completing these with Ann Holland School of Dance which is a local school with some great teachers. Yes, I am definitely the oldest in these classes but all of the girls regardless of age have great talent and a great work ethic and there is something I can learn from each of them.


Vocally I have hit a few speed bumps. I set out to work with a new singing teacher due to Jono disappearing to Barcelona for a year to teach and after the first session I just knew it wasn’t the place for me. Im sure she is a marvellous teacher but I didn’t feel like I would do my best work in that environment. So now, I am dodging about between people and people and will hopefully try and pin Jono down in London now he has returned (although he is about to be on the new program Sing! on sky!) to work on some songs.



I have enlisted the help of a local teacher Ian Sanders who I will have lessons with once a month to work on audition monologues and acting. This will work well in my schedule as I will be able to rehearse and work on the monologues on my own and then work on them further with Ian in a coach and director style to ensure I am fully prepared for auditions this year.


In terms of auditions I will be applying to the follow schools and courses for the September 2018 intake:

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art – Acting

London Academy of Music and Drama – Acting

Guildhall – Acting

Rose Bruford – Acting

Guildford School of Acting – Acting

Guildford School Of Acting – Musical Theatre

Arts Ed – Musical Theatre

Central School of Speech and Drama – Musical Theatre

Trinity Laban –  Musical Theatre



Other projects and excitement: 

A HUGE dream of mine came true this summer being able to be a featured extra in an upcoming big film. I got to work at the Warner bros studios and meet some amazing actors and directors and even work with a three time Oscar winning costume designer! I can’t wait till I am able to talk more about it and do a full blog post on my experience!


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