West End Live!!!



West End Live was a week ago and I have only just got round to writing about it because I can still hardly believe it even happened. So the West End Live Weekend began on the 24th of June, the morning of the saturday the queue to enter the Arena in Trafalgar Square stretched from Trafalgar to Piccadilly Circus!

In addition to the incredible experience we were alongside some amazingly talented and performers and musical theatre shows. This is a list of all of the performances that took place: 

Toxic Avenger                          Wedding Singer

Wicked                                      The Wind In The Willows

Matt Cardle                              Charlie Fink

Rachel Tucker                          Willemijn Verkaik

The West End Gospel Choir    Chickenshed

Musical Theatre Masterclass

Sylvia Young Theatre School    West End Kids

Kinky Boots                                   Les Misérables

Liza’s Back Is Broken                  MAMMA MIA!

Matilda The Musical                   Motown the Musical

Jesus Christ Superstar                On The Town

Our House                                     The Phantom Of The Opera

School Of Rock                              Stomp

Thriller Live!                                  42nd Street

An American In Paris                   Annie

Bat Out Of Hell                              Beautiful – The Carole King Musical

The Blues Brothers                       Catch Me

Disney’s Aladdin                            Disney’s The Lion King

Dreamgirls                                      English National Opera

Five Guys Named Moe                   Flip Fabrique

The Girls                                         Half A Sixpence

Saturday 24th June:

This was a rehearsal day for us and we started at 11 finishing at 5:30. This was such an intense day where we basically changed the entire piece and the end result was a lot cleaner and smoother than what we had previously planned. It was also more inclusive of all of the cast and left everyone feeling like they were really going to be performing and working hard on stage.

It was on this day I was also given a small solo segment in our opening song – ‘Someone In the Crowd’ which was tres exciting and I was so pleased as I got my little moment at the front! We worked super hard on this day and when we got in costume to run in a few times before facetiming our president and founder Micheal Xavier we were soo sweaty.

West end live

Sunday 25th June

Performance Day! Due to us all needing to have our hair in french plaits and I can barely even manage a pony tail I met my friend and her mum Lottie and Liz at their hotel in Tower Hill to do our hair and makeup and then make our way to the square to rehearse for the last couple of times!

Due to our slot being at 2:10pm we arrived at the square and our rehearsal/dressing room and did a few more run throughs before getting into costume and then heading over to the West End Live Arena. Probably my favourite bit was getting my West End Live Performers Pass and getting to go backstage because I felt super extra and it was just crazy to be flashing my pass to everyone I could.



Being backstage of West End Live was so surreal! As soon as we walked in we were surrounded by faces which we had idolised on the big stages and where just blown away by the buzz and the opportunity to be there with them. The ten of us on radio mics were taken backstage during Bat Out Of Hell Musical’s set and being backstage with them was insane we could hear the crowd screaming – unbeknownst to us the lead was climbing the rigging at this point –  and they were so full of energy in their amazing costumes. Just watching it all go by was amazing.

When it came to actually performing I was one of the first to step out on stage and I almost stopped dead in my tracks! The amount of people was unlike anything I had experienced before and seeing them all there in front of me was something I will never forget! The actual time we were onstage flew past so quick I can hardly remember it. I did manage to immediately find Max in the huge crowd and I loved being up there even though I was shaking for the entire 9 minutes!

Overall,  one of the most amazing experiences of my life and it was something I will never forget and what an awesome thing to be able to say I have achieved!

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