Musical Theatre Masterclass | 6

Having had a two week break for half term and the rest of my group meeting for extra rehearsals organised by themselves which I could not attend I was very nervous to return to MTM. I knew they would want to see all of the dance from everyone all strung together and due to my exams I was feeling like I would stick out like a sore thumb after having the least amount of practice.

The first half of the day was singing and acting, we started by singing through everything we had done and adding in more harmonies. Harmonies are one of my strengths and I was very conscious that they would be announcing the West End Live Cast the next day and I wanted to prove my worth as I am not the strongest dancer.

Vivienne then showed us some scripts and partnered us up with some scenes from La La Land to perform at the end of term showcase. I was really pleased to have been picked for a scene as I know that Acting is my most prominent strength. These scenes will need to be filmed for Micheal to approve and we may not all get to perform them, we aren’t too sure what is happening with them at the moment.

The dance audition then began, we had like 5 mins to quickly recap with each other each section before being split into groups of four to perform each section. It was exhausting and after we had done each section separate we laced them all together and performed them in numerous combinations. It came down to a group of 6 that were re organised then a group of three girls. I was not in this smaller group, yet, I would not expect to be. These girls are fab dancers and have clearly put in 120% into perfecting these dances and I am proud of myself for how I did as I never could have even dreamed of keeping up with some of these girls 6 months ago.

After an agonising day of waiting it was revealed that I was going to be performing at West End Live on the Sunday at 2:10pm alongside some amazing casts of west end shows. I am so excited to perform at such a huge event and be a part of something so huge. Being in london seeing a show on Wednesday the 14th  and seeing the huge posters for it as we left platforms and on the wall up the escalators was so surreal. Im BUZZED.

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