Musical Theatre Masterclass| 3

This week we didn’t have any singing so we just worked on Acting and seeing whether we could create some devised vignette ideas for the West End Live performance. We took the lyrics of Someone In The Crowd and used some lines from it to give us inspiration and some dialogues. Our group used ‘The Answer is Always Yes’ as a motif and in our piece where we were all in an audition waiting room and the audience hears snippets of our conversations and lives.

The next one we did was based off of rejection from an audition, I had the idea that we are all on the tube coming back from the audition. It wasn’t very polished as we had no time and the music dragged out way longer than we had anticipated. Yet, I think it showed that we as a group were able to think outside the box and incorporate lots of different ideas into a large concept.

Starting work on the next section of dance which was just as hard as the previous weeks with the intention of getting harder, yet I can feel the amount of improvement I am making and even if I am not the best dancer in the class I am proud of how I am working in these classes.


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