Dear Evan Hansen Workshop at Emil Dale Studios

Well. What a day this was!

I thought it would be easy as pie: get the train to Hitchin; walk 15 mins from the station like it said on google maps and voila! Done! How wrong I was, the address of google maps was actually wrong and the 15 min walk was actually a 30 minute one! (something I did not leave time for in terms of trains and the beginning of the workshop) My best bet from there was to find a landmark (I chose Asda – a true landmark I know) and call a taxi. The taxi man happened to be from Newmarket so he let me have my 2.70 fare free how CUTE.


When I got there I actually wasn’t late as it turned out, they got me to fill in some forms and check which course you were auditioning for if you were – which I wasn’t not so I just spoilt that part of the form.

When I got into the studio it was packed with people (oddly it seemed like less by the end) and I had that moment of OMG they all seem so good and I’m so not. But I found myself a space on the far end of the studio and started stretchy stretching.

Emil Dale came out first and spoke about the college and tbh it actually sounds like a great school and one I would consider next year in auditioning if it wasn’t in hitchin cos there’s just something about hitchin that made me feel funny. I don’t know what. Yh he basically spoke about the college about teachers, alumni and student success ect.

The head of Dance told Emil Dale then took a 1hr and a Half even MORE brutal than the GSA Summer School one! I couldn’t laugh for the next 4 days my abs hurt so bad. It was painful tho and I plowed through as much as poss but I kept slipping in my own sweat YH GROSS I KNOW RIGHT nearly face planted in a plank!

Cleve September (!!!!) from In the Heights and soon to be Lauren’s/ Phillip Hamilton in Hamilton West End!!!! AHHH! Taught us a routine to Waving Through a Window, his choreography was something I have never experienced before and was a really interesting style. Kind of hip hop but still musical theatre and subtle I LOVED it and I sweated so hard. It was so full of choreography that was really precise and intense.

Afterwards I asked him what part he would be in Hamilton even though I was certain I thought I knew! WHICH I WAS RIgHt! He then told me I move really well and told the story with truth and have a great vibe about me. EEEK

the next portion of the day was the singing with Musical Director of the Sister act Uk Tour! He had put together a choral arrangement of Waving Through A Window which was really cool and he let me sing as a boy so that made me happy ahahha. I kind of just lingered at the back and rocked out because I wasn’t auditioning I didn’t feel any pressure I could just enjoy myself.


Overall top day. Worked up a sweat and on the journey back these 3 people let me join in their card game.

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