Musical Theatre Masterclass | 2

( I am writing this a week late)

Last week we spent the first half of the session working on singing and acting. We were still looking at Someone In The Crowd and were tasked to create a backstory and a character to work with the song. Me being the crazy drama thinker I am I started taking it away entirely from its intended context and talking about cocaine in canary wharf…. which was not the task ahahha. After that we were told to communicate that whilst singing and we looked at how the text needs to create inflection and meaning in our voice. This is great techniques for Auditions.

This week we met our other dance teacher Lucinda who is definitley more definite and I wouldnt say strict but Lucinda and Deana have very different teaching styles. We had a guest choreographer in this week called Cameron Ball who has worked on Cats the Tour, 42nd Street and many more. We started with a warm up not too dissimilar to the one Mark led at my GSA Summer School which makes me think maybe they trained together ahah. Anyway, we were learning the same section we did of Someone In the Crowd the week before but a different version until we went into the Gumboot style bit. We then carried on and almost finished that section.

It was really great working with Cameron Ball he pulled me out for my storytelling through dance and called me GRACEFUL something thats never happened before hahaha. He was also really helpful with my technique and helping me understand how I need to carry myself and where to turn out ect.

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