A Wrap on Grimwood Diaries

This Saturday we filmed my last few scenes in the Grimwood Diaries Season 2 which is the final season of the show 😦

Isabella still has one more tiny little bit to do involving a car and 2 words.. very exciting but other than that she is done! Grimwood Diaries has been such a great opportunity for me to get to grip with Screen Acting and learning lines on the spot and looking at a minimalist style of acting which is so different from theatre.

I was pretty shocking in the first one, but this second series is so much better all round. In terms of camera shots, dialogue, my costume choices ahah and acting in general. This darker series really shows a development in Isabella keeping her fierce and brave characteristics but unfortunately she is worn down, bitter and done if im honest. Isabella is so over it in this season.

I can take these new skills and transfer them into a new project. Nash has been so great writing this show and putting it all together and Robin was so great with teaching us how to act in front of a camera and were we need to look ect. Their generosity throughout the past two years has been just amazing treating us like real professionals and feeding us ahhaha.

So, Goodbye Isabella Armstrong. I don’t know if things will work out for you in the rest of your life and you may be able to be less bitter and messed up by the whole affair. Good luck!


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