Musical Theatre Masterclass | 1

To start off my first day Abellio Greater Anglia tried to put me on a bus instead of a train and probably miss my class so dad drove me to Cambridge the BAE! Due to marathon day everything was rather hectic and the train was packed and I ended up a little bit late on my first day! Which wasn’t great and I had to stand outside like a goon till I could slip in the back of the welcome introduction.

MTM will be performing at West End Live 2017 in Trafalgar Square doing a 12 Minute slot with a medley of La La Land. We will all learn the content but only a few will be selected to actually perform. So after explaining about MTM and filling us in on what we need to bring music wise and opportunities we will encounter we started singing.

The singing section was really great because although we only got to do a bit Ross went into detail about theory and the layrnx which is great to learn. We started learning Someone In The Crowd, which I would love to have as a solo as it is RIGHT in my range.

We then moved on to dancing and it was SO hard everyone was sweatinnggggg we started with a really gooey elegant lyrical section and then moved onto an African GumBoot inspired dance which was so fast!

The whole day was just tippedy top into to the term!


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