Manchester Trip – GSA Audition

On Thursday 23rd of Feb Mum and I took on the journey to Manchester dodging storm Doris the woman scorned. What a nightmare. 

After 6 hours we arrived in Manchester to the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen in my life: The Principal. 

We spent the evening with my sister and went out for a meal before heading to the Contact Theatre in the morning for my audition ahh stress.

The audition:

So I arrived at the theatre and was one of the first few there. The panel consisted of  the pianist and the head of singing and voice at GSA. Just my luck I ended up being the last one to go. The beginning went fine and then there’s like a build up instrumental bit and it was longer than anticipated and then I got out of time and off key and the struggle was real. I also think I went abit too OTT on the acting and was actually rolling on the floor. Pretty certain I won’t have a recall but we won’t know for sure for two weeks. 

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