Yotopia Rocket Yoga Lesson

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As I was making my way up to London for my Musical Theatre Masterclass Workshop and Audition I had some time to spare. As I was around Covent Garden and wanted to fill my time. I had hoped to find a dance class at DanceWorks as I had such a good experience there before, however, there was no classes available so I thought I would take a yoga class.

Due to Yotopia’s perfect location, I decided to take a yoga class called Rocket Yoga. This sounded super excited and I finally got there with minutes to spare and had to race into the class and make these two somewhat moody people who were clearly regulars and had been in there for an hour already to secure those spots and I so very rudely forced them millimetres to the right and ruined their entire spiritual experience.

ANYWAY, it started….. with an ‘omm’. I was so shocked I nearly laughed, I have never actually considered that I would ‘omm’ in a serious way. But actually as it started it was proper good, really fast and really hard and when everyone started doing headstands that was when I was like mmmmmmm how bout nah and there were some moments where I was stressed AF trying to dodge the angry peoples feet as they did all of their inverted stuff so that kind of defeated what this lovely instructor was tryna do.

But yh by the end I was feeling so spiritual, like I could live in a mountain for the rest of my life like a monk.

However, I left my top in the room and had to go back in and get it and apparently they were pre-prepping for a silent yoga class and i broke the silence WHOOPS BYEEE

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