Musical Theatre Masterclass: Workshop/Audition

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So after my Yotopia, I raced over to Shaftesbury Avenue for my Musical Theatre workshop which also included an audition. MTM is a Sunday school which does part time training, its actually really good there and they get loads of awesome opportunities and meet new people and stuff. I am not actually planning on going because it would be impossible for me to negotiate attending every sunday but I thought it would be fun to go and to also do a practice audition as it is the same kind of format as the GSA audition.

MTM is run by Xavier Alexander who was in broadway so wasnt actually there but all the other staff seem really nice and helpful and Peter Polycarpou was there as well as like a special guest which was awesome and he was on the panel for the audition as well as giving an acting class.

My audition I think went really well I went in and chatted about the yoga class and my life I spoke about the song I was going to sing and then sang it and afterwards he was really kind and they said nice things about the song and how i thought it through which I was surprised by but I think i did so well because I wasnt nervous.

Yeah, there was singing, dancing and acting portions of the masterclass and I really enjoyed all of it. If I get in I will decline but the whole thing has boosted my confidence and has got me back in the swing of things before auditioning.

Update: I got in!!!

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