EDGES – A Level Examination

For my A2 Level Performing Arts Exam we chose to perform Edges a song cycle. I thought I would share on here my solos from the performance.  To watch the solos just click on the titles!

I Gotta Run

This song I think went well however, I did fluff the words up here and there and I do feel like I sacrificed the vocals for the acting. That is not necessarily a bad thing but listening back to it I can hear that i’m not quite hitting the notes….especially at the end.

In Short

This was definitely my favourite to perform and the hardest. I sang with a click track and the drummer for the majority of the song – something I had only a chance to practice when the drummer arrived 2 hours before our exam. I did strain my voice a lot in this number and I do think it effected the rest of my performance.

I Once Knew

By the time we reached this song I was very vocally tired and whilst this is something that is inevitable when running the entire show 3 times in a day and also screaming EBOLA at the top of my lungs in the previous number. However, I am disappointed that you can hear it in my voice towards the end of this song. I did try to mask it with emotion but I would have liked to have a clean sound. I also struggled to get up their for the ‘hold on’ note…. sad times but thats life.

P.s The crack at the end of the second verse makes me DIE ahahhahaahha


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