EDGES: A Song Cycle

EDGES 4.pngPoster Created by Me


Edges: A song cycle is our exam piece for Performing Arts A Level. It is a song cycle full of different songs sung by members of our small cast, solos, duets and all cast songs. These songs touch on all kinds of subjects like growing up, relationships, friendships, loss and fear.

I have 3 solos in Edges these are all really different and so fun. The first solo I chose as soon as I heard it is ‘I Once Knew’ a song sang to their mother as they are losing her in some tragic way. I fell in love with the song and how beautifully sad it is whilst still being positive and nostalgic in a happy way.

The second song I chose is ‘In Short’ this song is hilariously funny and outrageous and just so wrong it is so right. She hates her boyfriend and she is not happy. Im so ready to play a psycho girlfriend and roll around on the floor surrounded by debris of pictures (SPOILER)

My third solo I ended up with more than chose, ‘I Gotta Run’. This is another awesome song but it is a challenge! This patter song crams in every word that you would least like to sing in the worst sentence it is very fast. This song about fear of commitment is a great song for storytelling and I can do so much stuff with it the only worry is I forget to word as that happens a lot and if I forget I WILL NOT RECOVER.

I’m so excited to showcase it to everyone!

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