Yoga and Meditation

Recently, I have gotten into Yogo. Beyton Sixths awesome Sports Commitee leader (Stuart Denton) has organised a 10 week yoga program running on a Thursday lunch. 

Yoga is something I have wanted to get involved in for a while due to the wonderful things it does for your posture, flexibility and breath control. Now that it is so accessible I am already feeling the benefits of the yoga even after 3 sessions. 

As I have seen the results so quick and it has made great changes to my attitude and body after the 10 week program I would like to carry on the Yoga classes at our instructors studio. 

I have recently discovered the app Headspace which teaches you to meditate. A levels are so stressful and I am so busy that the ‘take ten’ for ten days program has helped me clear my mind and helped me with breathing and relaxation also. Within this app after your ten days of ten minutes you can access 10-30 meditation sessions which target Sport, Stress, Relationships and Performance. 

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