Romeo and Juliet Performance

The last week I was performing in my first Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. When this was presented by the school I was the complete opposite of ecstatic as I was cast as Lady Capulet. I greeted this with great irritation due to my fear of being type-cast for the rest of my life as an elderly woman.

Our approach to Romeo and Juliet was to input a modern twist and fill it with current songs amongst the Shakespearean language creating a fusion between the new and old. This really worked in process and through the final week of rehearsal it really came together.

As the show progressed I grew to love the role of Lady Capulet and really understand the difficulties she as facing throughout the play, the complexity of her emotional journey and situation made it a really interesting character to play. The entirety of Act 2 LC is crying at something! Be that ;death; her husband threatening to drag her only child to church and marry her against her will whilst being completely unable to fight back on behalf of her child; Juliet liking the nurse better than her; Juliet dying and just about every other shitty thing you can imagine.

Having to pour out so much emotion every night I found incredibly draining, one thing I found particularly difficult was having to suddenly cap the emotion mid cry and sing ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams! However, this was a great challenge for my discipline and one that will help me greatly in the future!

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