Mountview Audition and London Adventure!

On the 2nd of November I had my first Musical Theatre degree audition at a proper Drama School, Mountview. oooohhh scaryyy.

So on the 1st of November I got a National Express Coach from Bury which was 40 minutes late, so even though it was supposed to go to the Victoria Station due to the traffic I thought it best to get off at Stratford and catch the tube.

This is because I wanted to attend a dance class just off Bond Street at DanceWorks. It was about a half an hour tube journey from Stratford to central London and when I got to Bond Street it didn’t take me long to find the studios, which is on a street just opposite the Selfridges clock. The studio was really nice I walked in and there was a studio behind the reception and whilst I registered and got given a cute green daily class card which cost me £2 as for a first time dancer you have to register and go through that whole malarky. So I was sent downstairs and I went through a room called the ‘Chill Room’ where people were sitting with tea or coffee waiting for their children to finish or stretching ect. Through there you go into the girls changing room and yh obvs i got changed and everything.

When I was changed I like queued outside the studio that you can see from reception and there were some other people waiting for the classes to change over. Leanne King was the teacher and she like came in in a swoop and it began immediatley no hellos or faffing straight to it which is good! We did a warm up and then some crunches for core before doing a routine, it was a really speedy fosse style dance with lots of jumps and fun dance moves. It was really high energy and I had a really really great time. It was just so much fun and a great class.

After that, I got back on the tube and headed to meet my Nick outside Harrods to go back to his place for the night.

The next morning, I got the tube from one end of the Piccadilly to the other in rush hour so it took me like 50 minutes to get to Wood Green and was like nearly a tenner because I went through all the zones, struggles. I got to Wood Green at like 9 ish and i went the wrong way probably 3 times and I was major stressed, but i eventually found it and was slightly perturbed by the area it was in it was in an industrial estate but then I saw a pretty Ivy covered building and i was like oohh yay pretty this is what I imagined. Yet, that was crushed when we were let through these industrial storage spaces and it was all cold and open pipes and a bit bizarre.

First we were streamed into better dancers and little dance experience, i went in the lower group and we started with a warm up, because we had numbers, I was number 7, I was at the front row for warming up, core, and stretching. We then moved onto corner work and the first one was just kicks individually then pirouettes which went a bit tits up but.. ah well. After corner work we did a routine from Our House which was really fun and boisterous and I probably looked like a mad man but I really went for it and just gave it as much character as I could and I was pleased with how I did and I really enjoyed it as well.

The acting section was next and I performed my Shakespeare which was Helena from Alls well that ends well they also asked to hear a bit of my contemporary piece which was Nora from Spacewang.  I dont think it went badly and I didnt leave feeling disapointed with myself but I could’ve probably done better. There were some really good monologues being performed however and I can steal a few he he he. 

Singing was next and that was so nerve racking because you would get up say two songs you had brougjt and Ann would pick one of the two, then you’d sing and ahe would take ages to silently write. She seemed really nice but it was just so tense in that  silence. I got up and immediatley tripped on my folder, great start, Ann chose my favourite of my two songs and I went over to Dan the pianist and said ‘its jazz chords’  – breathed to soon and he jumped in with ‘yeah i can see that’ as i carried on with ‘so just follow me’ and it was really like awkward and ahhhh. Lol so i sang and the first line like didnt come out lol many regrets but just plowed through and the rest i thought was okay! 

We then went back all together they spoke to us about Dance and Drama Awards and funding and finance and accomodation ect and then they  came back in and called some numbers and those were the ones with recalls. Called some more numbers and then they were offered free auditions for the foundation course and the rest of us were no’s. 
Overall though, i liked the teachers there they seemed really nice but the vibe from the location – despite them moving in a few years- wasnt for me I think with images of GSA in my head i have quite high expectations. Im not disappointed in myself I did the best I could and it was a great experience and i learnt alot. 


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