GSA Pre-Audition Course

I booked this weekend course at the beginning of this year when I was doing my Performing Arts Unit 1. It has come and gone so quickly. 

For the Pre- Audition course its basically workshopping the different dicisiplines you are tested on in your auditions. We were advised to bring one song and one monologue however, using what I learnt at the Summer Course I brought 4 songs and 2 monologues. Just in case. 

The first day of the course started with three and a half hours of dance. The warm up was different from Marks at the summer school and what I try to do as often as possible to keep up my stamina and fitness but no means harder so I hadnt quite broken a sweat yet. Moving onto corner work, somehow I ended up in the first pair to go… how? I honestly dont know. But how better to push yourself then go first and be forced to pick up what the teacher was doing without being able to watch anyone else. The teacher, Felicity, was so helpful in telling us how to use other things like our personality to detract from the fact my technique is not perfect.  The corner work exercises were so helpful and she was so encouraging telling us that we wont be able to do a triple pirouette by the time of auditions if you cant do one now so just focus on what you can do and self yourself.

Moving onto picking up routines we did 2 Musical Theatre Style dances that were about a minute each and one lyrical. Through that she taught us easy ways to make it look like you know what youre doing when you don’t, how to pick things up easily and to make mental notes of big points in the dance where you can pick it back up if you’re lost and the order of things to worry about. E.g arms,feet, face and style. I was pleasantly surprised during this as I wasn’t completely terrible I didn’t struggle picking up the dances or acting them I don’t think and I was surprised at how graceful I managed to be in the Lyrical piece. 

Later that day we had another 3 hours of Voice, which is all about the quality of your voice, breath control, posture and how you are percieved when you walk into the room. Lynette was so full of helpful ideas and methods to calm yourself, sort out breathing and posture and practicr monologues. We did all sorts of activities and afterwards I felt far less tense and more at ease in my own body if that makes sense. She was also really helpful in giving us warm ups to do before going into the audition to put us in the best frame of mind. She was so helpful and even offered to give me private tuition over skype. 

Mum and I then went out to TGI Fridays for dinner and had a really nice evening. Poor mum had two days to kill waiting for me what a gem. 

The next day we started with some warm ups and acting activities then split off into our two groups. Our mentors were Bernie and Nick (my summer school singing teacher and all round great human) and we did like a audition song ‘is that a good choice’ thing and he approved of all of my four choices which was great news as i really value Nicks opinion. Bernie saw us individually to check out our sheet music and see if its okay for the pianist which one of my pieces I never noticed really wasnt and he gave me some great advice with cutting pieces. 

Despite only being told to bring one song to perform, I managed to sing through 3 of my four (the fourth I worked on over summer) and got some great feedback on it. They werent necessarily 100% perfect and one of them I only really discovered a few days before but thought i’ll put myself under the knife and let them rip me apart and then at least I will know ahah and I did get lots of useful feedback that I wouldn’t have known! Ahah 

We worked on how you walk into an audition room and making a good impression and I got a lot out of watching other people and listening to their feedback. Overall it was great and I’m very grateful for my mum for coming up and doing nothing all weekend in order for me to do the course x

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