Screen Acting: The Grimwood Diaries Series 2

Last year, I was a supporting character in my friend James Nash’s Web-series which he has written and directed. The Grimwood Diaries is about Eliza Grimwood as she struggles to find her brother who has been kidnapped whilst also juggling the fact she has elemental powers.

In the first series we saw a mixture of storylines and the introduction of my character Isabella Armstrong. In the first series I had so many opportunities filming all over my local area and a day in London. However, I was not great in the first series, I really struggled with finding the balance between reacting and over reacting. As most of my experience is in stage acting and musical theatre I am used to big gestures and expressions yet in screen acting everything is so much more minimal. I was not very pleased with the outcome.

Yet, coming into series 2 Isabella Armstrong has changed a lot and I am much more enjoying playing her, she has also had a step up in how much she is featured which is always good. I can feel myself improving after the first series and so far what I have seen from today I have approved of! The opportunity to do some screen acting is really important in my journey to becoming a professional actress as the more well rounded in different styles.

If you would like to watch the first series of The Grimwood Diaries on YouTube then just click the link, the story of series one will be continued in the second series!

For more information on The Grimwood Diaries check our:


Facebook: Diaries


Filming Episode 1 with (From left to right) Chloe, Jack, Avery and Isabella.

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