Contemporary Dance Workshop With Jane Eve 

Today – Wednesday the 17th of August – I got the train to Cambridge to go to the Contemporary Dance Workshop at Bodyworks Studios. 

After wandering around for abit looking for the place (I only went a little bit wrong!!) I arrived and having never been to Bodyworks Studios before was pleasantly surpised at the building. The studios and dressing rooms are so nice. 

I was unsure of what to expect as I have not much experience in contemporary dance yet aim to attend as many classes in all styles as I can. We started by doing a basic warm up and an exercise where we explore the room and build up to doing some contact exercises. These were very similar to what we worked on in our Gecko Workshop so it was nice to do that again. The actual contemporary dance we did was inspired by Janes’ latest project at Kings College Cambridge where she worked on a piece of contemporary dance based on medieval building of the church and the womens roles in that. We looked at some pictures and facts about the period as well to get a feel for the context. 

The first section of the dance was choreographed for us by Jane and it featured a motif of sewing and pulling and weaving which was very interesting but I got a sinister vibe from in a weird way. We danced this through with 3 different tracks to introduce us to changing and adapting to any music. When we split off to create the rest of our piece we worked in pairs and I followed my idea of it being sinister and took it that way. 

I am definitley not used to having to choreograph and improvise in dance, it is a rather daunting task for me. Maybe, because I didn’t know anyone and there was no pressure I was able to just let go and do what I thought would look okay and I think when we performed it it went well. It has built some confidence for me as well so that when it comes to that independant thinking in dance I will be more comfortable. 

The most useful thing from this class I think was getting used to working with no music and then being given the music on the spot and being forced to find the rhythm and timing and adjust to what the story now is with that music. This will help my storytelling through dance which I need as dance is not my strongest suit! I can also pinch some ideas from the other great choreography people devised!

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