GSA Summer School: Week 2 

We started our second week by feeling very tired after being at In The Heights the Musical on Sunday night! In The Heights was so amazing it was so energetic and the venue is just unique. The show had me laughing one minute and crying the next – the cast were laughing at me when they bowed as in the small venue they could see me sobbing – it was just incredible.

At GSA we kept working on our singing/dance and acting, the dance warm up getting HARDER everyday! We started slowly focusing more on our showcase on Saturday and learning two-three songs a day. Articulation and using an ugly American singing to try make our voices brighter. Sunday from Sunday in the park with George was definitley one of our harder numbers as the timing for cutoffs and articulation was never good enough for the tutors which is what makes this course so good. You will never be told your good and that pushes you to try even harder.
In Acting one of my most significant moments was that I had my Monologue presentation. To begin I came in an I did the chatty portion which might not even happen anyway and in the feedback Gerry said that was good. Then I tried to do my Shakespearian monologue which was Helena from Alls Well that Ends Well and I got like a third way through and my mind just went blank so I did what he had told us to do in this situation and said ‘im verry sorry I have forgotten my words. May I just check my text?’ And instead of ‘Yes’ which I had suggested he said ‘No’ so then I was like oh shrek what now? So he asked me if I had anything else and in that moment I could only remember my AS Level Exam piece from Streetcar Named Desire. So I spoke abit about Tenessee Williams who I loads about because I have studied him and impressed him with that and then did it and after he said he was suprised as he thought it would be shit but it wasnt haha. He said that obviously I should never actually do that piece because she is so old and I am not but I was refreshing as he had never seen it done like that. So it turned out alright!

In dance we did spend a whole session doing the warm up and then technique working on pirouettes I know this helped me so much and I am much more confident in my pirouettes now, we did this more complicated turn sequence which I couldn’t quite crack but tried my best ahahha. Throughout these two weeks we have been taught these co-ordination exercises inspired by Matt Matax and just when you thought you had got the first one he would ask you to do it backwards and then one arm going normally and one arm doing it backwards I almost had it good on our last lesson on Wednesday but not perfect. I totally see the benefit of them and I am actually going to miss the warm ups so much! We came in on Thursday super early just to do one, yes purposely putting ourselves through hell!

On Wednesday night a few of us from my flat took a trip into London again to see The Woman In Black!! Despite already having seen this I wanted to go again for the bants ahah and we sat in the stalls this time so when the Woman in Black walked down the aisle me and Tom literally freaked out I went cold inside. Having spent a week and a half being shouted at by Nick about articulation I noticed how good the actors articulation was and it kind of clicked with me how important it is. It was so good and ao scary, Daniel basically cried his way through the second half ahhaha.

We started full on rehearsals for the showcase on Thursday to piece it all together our piece was centred around The Days of the Week which is quite weird but turned out pretty well! I got kind of caught in the ‘Not bad’ box during these rehearsals and no matter what I did I couldn’t get out and I was constantly paranoid of being the ‘Needy Actor’ that Gerry so hates. Eventually I think I got my dialogue to an acceptable standard … I think?

Group 2:


I have had the best time at GSA I really don’t want to leave!! House 63 has been such good company along with 64, I will miss shouting from kitchen window to kitchen window and running up and down the fire escapes so much! I have a gained so much knowledge, lost a toe and met some amazing people! Bring on audition season!xx

House 63 and some of 64:

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